28 June 2011

Jim Saleam Chosen As Australia First Party Candidate Against Scott Morrison For ‘Cook’ in 2013

The Australia First Party has nominated Dr. Jim Saleam as its candidate for ‘Cook’ in 2013. The campaign will begin within two weeks.

Scott Morrison is the Liberal Shadow Minister For Immigration and he holds the seat of Cook by a comfortable margin. The Australia First Party campaign will urge voters to preference-vote last against Mr. Morrison, regardless of who may win, to make the strongest point about the Liberals false line on refugees and so called asylum seekers. The aim is to punish Mr. Morrison personally for his deceit on the refugee question. This deceit centres on the Liberal rhetoric that it is somehow ‘hard’ on refugee matters and seeks to ‘stop the boats’.

Australia First Party has maintained consistently that the Liberal line is a pantomime to convince voters that there is a difference between Liberal and Labor on refugees and that the Liberals will ‘stop the boats.’ In truth, if we stop the boats by hiring the planes, the effect is the same. If we turn boats around to ‘process off shore’, the effect is the same. If we ‘process' in Malaysia or in Nauru, the effect is the same. Australia First Party draws no distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ refugees; the hordes are endless and many are engendered by the very wars in which the Australian state has engaged.

In recent weeks and days the refugee question has been paramount in the news and public debate. Most of this discussion is pro refugee, pro ‘asylum seeker’ propaganda. It is our party’s intention to counter that propaganda by building a national people’s campaign against refugee admissions and to expel the so-called refugees. The electoral effort in Cook is part of that campaign.

Dr. Saleam said today:

“The Liberal Party will never repudiate the 1951 United Nations Convention On Refugees anymore than it will end immigration, or defend the Australian national identity. Mr. Morrison has the task of pretending that he is something he is not.”

Australia First Party has observed that many Australians fear that something is happening, that is a real threat to Australia and to their lives and livelihoods. But most ordinary Australians are unable to articulate it amidst the climate of misinformation and propaganda. The party has identified patterns and will campaign on them: the use of refugees to resettle rural Australia; the use of refugees as cheap labour; the use of refugees to culture-bust the Australian identity in guilt trips and the shaming of heritage; the appalling economic privilege granted to refugees; the use of refugees to disguise the other immigration programs that are changing Australia’s demographics.

Dr. Saleam concluded:

“This campaign will not be a regular campaign. It is only partly an exercise in election participation. In truth, I am putting on the agenda the biggest single issue in Australian political history and I will do something unusual when I make a mass question of the book that defines our dispossession: The Camp Of The Saints (1973). Churches, Greens, Trotskyites and capitalists all combine to seek the breaking open of Australia’s borders, the culture busting of Australia’s heritage and our land’s recolonization. For Mr. Morrison, it’s all about the cheap labour the refugee hordes will provide. I am going to be engaged in educating a section of the public as to what the refugee / asylum-seeker threat is about. Our party has campaigned in the Adelaide Hills and other places against the scourge of refugee migration. I am proud to raise the slogan: ‘Expel The Refugees’.”

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26 June 2011

How You Can Help

Australia First frankly needs all the help it can get. The path of Australian nationalism has up to now been a stony one and at times a lonely one. Those of us who have been here for a while would welcome fresh activists.

We must, however, ask those who seek to join us to prove their genuineness. There is nothing more common than the infiltrator, the brave young Communist or race-mixer who wants to join a party like Australia First in order to “expose” it.

Leftists really do believe that we are evil and that it is right to disrupt our meetings, disrupt our communications, publish any private remarks we might make that can be portrayed as unkind, ungracious, cruel, cynical, or dishonest. Even Eric Butler of the League of Rights, a hidebound old conservative if ever there was one, was regularly portrayed as a monster of iniquity by the columnist Philip Adams and others.

And ordinary people believe this. It is a human weakness to shy away from the pariah.

It is also a weakness of unpopular people to act as they are expected to act. We have to be constantly on our guard against behaving as our weak compatriots and our philosophical enemies would expect us to act. Obviously we cannot turn ourselves into plaster saints, without human feelings, without the ability to relax. But even when relaxed we must in some sense be on guard, as a soldier in a lonely base must be always on guard.

So we welcome fresh activists, but they have to prove themselves over time. If you want to help, contact a web address, telephone a number, or write to a Party office. You may be invited to a meeting. You will certainly be asked to send money if you can. You will almost certainly be invited to meet someone and begin the process of finding out whether and how you can help the organisation. But don’t expect to meet everyone straight away, and don't come to us looking for thrilling, illegal escapades. If you persist you will almost certainly find friends among your fellow activists, but you won’t find cheap excitement. That is for the other side.

22 June 2011

‘Go Back Where You Came From’: SBS Propaganda: Is It Also A Hoax – And An Opportunity? (Bill Rezac)

SBS screens this week a three part series ‘Go Back Where You Came From’, a documentary which shows a group of Australians being confronted (sic) with the living conditions of so-called ‘refugees’ in the camps of Asia and Africa and with their difficult journeys (sic) to come to Australia.

The program is pure propaganda.

Originally, Australia First members Jim Saleam and Perry Jewell, were also approached to participate. As could reasonably be expected, the tentative invitations to these nationalists were not pursued. At all points, the true purpose of the producers was to choose persons who were likely to be ‘remoulded’ by a type of hands-on live-drama re-education.

So it was.

At no time does this program really explain that refugees (sic) are often people who have declined to take up arms against their alleged oppressors, that the conditions they may find themselves in are in one sense of their own making, what economic refugees may be as opposed to political dissenters, that many consider permanent flight of better value than a fighting return, that many have social practices repugnant to Australian society, that many of these people may also hate and be envious of those who possess wealth and territory – and that overpopulation and New World Order wars and other ethnic based strife are the chief underlying causes of many outpourings from the Third World.

We are witness then to an attempt to brainwash Australians to accept that they are guilty people if they lack compassion.

In fact, for most Australians other than the liberal minded, there is a feeling that this brainwash should be resisted but they don’t know how.

The Case Of Raye Colbey

The star of the show, Raye Colbey, is described as a lady from Inverbrackie in South Australia where a refugee detention centre has been founded. Mrs. Colbey goes on the SBS organized jaunt overseas and learns about her ‘hate’, learns of compassion and so forth.

Reports passed to Australia First in South Australia, suggest that Mrs. Colbey has family members involved in support campaigns for so-called refugees.

Mrs Colbey has been a victim, if she really is a victim, of psychological manipulation. We note how quickly the usual media suspects have been to publish a public recant from her of her ‘former’, racist (sic) views.

Schools Will Get The SBS Doco  But ‘The Camp Of The Saints’ Will Be There In Reply

A report was given to Australia First in New South Wales that the program will be shown on DVD to high school students as part of a propaganda offensive to soften students’ attitudes to the refugee invasion. This offers an opportunity for the new Eureka Youth League and Australia First Party to fight back.

Both organisations will surely seek to make mass awareness of the antidote: The Camp Of The Saints, the 1972 novel which explained the psychosis the dominant groups of our Western societies faced with a refugee invasion of European lands – a work composed before there were any mass refugee outpourings from the Third World. This revolutionary novel posited that overpopulation and poverty, war and envy, would propel masses towards the vision of a better life. It then pilloried the false-moralities that would justify to certain Westerners the very destruction of their own societies.

 For the curious:

This book should be studied by all Australians who need a counter-morality to the SBS type propaganda about to invade our screens.

Intensify The Struggle: ‘Expel The Refugees’

Australians need to act against the army of churchmen, Greens, Trotskyites, lawyer-advocates and others who play morality games over the refugee invasion and who mobilize daily to beat down Australians.

The morality is on the side of the Australian people, who under the challenge of mass immigration and now refugee invasion, have opted to resist.

Our party will repudiate the United Nations Convention On Refugees (1951). Ultimately, we will expel the refugees! But we make this very, very, dark promise: the traitors who have decided to give away our birthright will pay for the assisted return, if necessary of hundreds of thousands of persons to countries of origin – by the public seizure of their assets.

It has come to this.

Warn your friends and children against the latest SBS propaganda.

13 June 2011

A Nationalist Commentary: Bob Katter’s New Party – And His LNP Critic

Bob Katter has founded a new party – the Australian Party. He intends to stand up against the decline of Australian agriculture and manufacturing via policies imposed on our country by the globalist mythology of ‘free trade’. He is labouring hard to acquire both a Federal registration and a Queensland State basis for this party. That is to the good in that it will promote public discussion around urgent issues. Yet, it also has other aspects which we must address because they impact upon the Australian nationalist politics of Australia First Party.

Australia First Party notes that Bob Katter was once part of the Liberal-National coalition until he seceded almost a decade ago. In many ways, Bob yearns for the ideology and politics of the former Country Party which did, in the days up to 1971, stand for the protection of Australian industry and agriculture. That was, after all, actual Australian state policy until this protectionist  position was overturned by the two party blocs and their paymasters after that time. Since then, globalisation and free trade have been the holy writ from above. Essentially, Bob has a sound notion, one which puts the Australian interest on manufacturing and agriculture ahead of the global economy, but he has wedded it to the forms and sentiments of yesterday; his position is one that does not of itself seek an independent Australian economic system – and it must come to that. The Katter solution is to ‘balance’ the competing interests, whereas the enemy globaliser recognizes no such other interest at all. This misconception shows up in the politics of the new party. Bob is nostalgic for an electoral solution to the imposed-compulsion of globalisation, one armed with a brand-product long on sentimentality, but short on fire in the belly. A new Country Party, whatever it calls itself, goes nowhere, because it would not build a national resistance movement to globalisation, a people’s movment for challenge and change.

It is noted that the Australian Party does not style itself a nationalist party, nor has it offered any real view of Australian population policy, immigration or the refugee invasion. That may be deliberate.

How should nationalists treat the Katter party? WE take stock of relevant facts. It is an electoral organisation and it will compete (in part) for some of the ground Australia First Party will cover. Of course, our party strives to be far more than an electoral structure, but it must still compete in the market place at election time. The Australian Party is not styled as a new version of One Nation (as Bob has put it) and it will serve by default to block the attempt by a new One Nation leadership to revive the party in parts of rural Queensland. Surely it will also familiarise a political market with economic nationalist ideas, train them if you like – for the future, when they can pass into the movement of nationalism.

Australia First Party in Queensland has its own job to do and we will not be sidetracked from it. We must cast a long eye on the Australian Party as it mobilises in the bush for we note it is symptomatic of a slow burning revolt, at first conceived in parliamentarist forms, but one destined to deepen as the multinationals grab at Aussie farms and water and try to establish our State as just another mining quarry.

There is a finale to this story. Bob Katter’s action received some unfriendly sarcastic dismissal-type criticism from a certain Mick Pattel, Liberal National Party (LNP) candidate for the State seat of Mt. Isa. It was very telling. In 2008, during the lead-up to the National Transport Shutdown in July 2008, Mr. Pattel appeared at a meeting in Toowoomba, representing his own transport action association and all armed with a call for “action”. On the platform he appeared with two members of the National Party who were trenchantly criticised by a member of Australia First Party for trying to get on the bandwagon of truckies’ fury against over-regulation, contract labour and fuel prices; our member said the Nationals were planning to betray them and he said these words just as Mr. Peter Schuback of the Australian Long Distance Owners’ And Drivers’ Association and later 2010 Candidate for our party for the Senate – was thrown out into the street.  Mr. Pattel swore he was there for the truckies and had his own independent agenda; after all, he handed out membership forms for his (abortive) Southern Cross Party. It was all crap. Mr. Pattel and his association and his ‘party’, were all put ups for the Nationals, part of what nationalists called the “satellite structures” put in place around the Liberal National parties to sidetrack people and protect the system from attack. If such a man should criticise Bob Katter, then it says a good point for him.

Of course, a good point does not mean that Australia First Party will be lining up with Bob. We have made it clear we will not. It just means that Australia First Party will maintain its independence and initiative to develop the bush fight-back against globalisation. We hope Bob Katter will contribute to that.