24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Thank you all for your support and interest over the past year.  To every one of our readers, supporters and fellow nationalists in general, we wish you all a very merry Christmas, a safe holiday and a happy, healthy and productive 2013.  Let us all hope that this coming new year brings us closer to our goals and that, through our efforts, it will be a year that sees the continued growth of the nationalist message and further victories for our Party and our movement.

21 December 2012

Book Review: Cannibal Capitalism

“Cannibal Capitalism”
By Michael C. Hill.
They used to say that people who used a lot of fancy words to say very little had “swallowed a dictionary.” Michael C. Hill seems to have swallowed the “Wall Street Journal.”
Michael C. Hill is, he tells us, the son of a bona fide rocket scientist, who worked at NASA on the space program. After sacrificing his marriage to his career, the elder Hill was put out of a job by the contraction of space exploration after the big excitement of the moon landings. Young Michael, like a lot of us, was determined not to repeat Dad’s mistakes.
He became a capitalist just in time to lose all his money in the Great Financial Crisis of 2008. Now he has written a book called “Cannibal Capitalism” to explain to us where we all went wrong.
There is not a word in the book that I have found to indicate that he is a Negro, but this is coyly revealed by a photograph on the inside back of the dust cover – the book is a hardback.
Michael apparently doesn’t know anything about what is called “fiat money” and the history of corrupt economics – they wouldn’t tell him that at college. He thinks he knows about “capitalism,” and having played the game according to the rules he was taught in college and lost, he has decided, of course, that the rules should be changed. Nobody told him that the rules had been changed way back in the year 1914, and that is when corruption entered the system.
Without going into the details of economic theory, it is certainly possible to argue that all the corrupt banking practices and laws that have been introduced since 1914 amount to an attempt by immensely wealthy families to hold onto their power. One can suspect the Windsors, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the rest of them of having a hand in the unscrupulous banking laws and the bogus socialist political rhetoric which have helped to preserve the power of these ruling families by freezing people into the class into which they were born.
But Michael C. Hill has apparently never heard of any of this. He thinks the system is a machine that needs tinkering with, and having been to “college” and read all the manuals, he thinks he is just the boy to do the tinkering. He has managed to get a book on the shelves along with Nouriel Roubini and all the other supposed intellectuals who are busy explaining to us how they can tinker with the system better than the next tinkerer. One might almost think they were a bunch of out-of-work mechanics.
In our system, we are supposed to have freedom of speech and publication, so it isn’t always possible to keep people from speaking or writing truth. What you can do, if you are a corrupt Establishment, is to make sure that the words of truth are drowned in an ocean of falsehoods. That is the real function of books like this one by Michael C. Hill, the good Negro, son of another good Negro, both of whom played by whitey’s rules and lost.

13 November 2012

Movie Review: Inside Job

Inside Job is a documentary movie dealing with the Subprime Crisis and the following Global Financial Crisis. This movie was produced written and directed by Charles Ferguson with Sony Pictures 2011 and is narrated by Matt Damon.
Running for approximately 2 hours, Inside Job begins with a short examination of financial and political events in Iceland prior to the meltdown. It continues with a thorough examination of what occurred in especially the USA leading on to the eventual 2008 GFC ( Global Financial Crisis ).
The beauty of Inside Job is in its simplicity. It is not a movie exclusively for those well versed in finance and economics, it is presented at a level that most people, irrespective of their station in life will easily understand. The methods used build from one stage to the next and provided the viewer remains alert ( you can always replay individual scenes ) the rewards of new knowledge are without bounds.
Inside Job examines, the banks, the insurance companies, the financial trade, the stock exchanges, the politicians, the academics and the regulators and from this writers point of view at least, finds them all wanting. Inside Job digs up the real issues and puts the hard questions to the right people, some of whom are very noticeable by their unavailability to answer questions and some by the way in which they responded to fair questions. Get the story on what really happened.
The final message of Inside Job is a concerning one. It proposes that despite the promises of politicians, especially the US President, necessary change is not apparent and it infers that the whole exercise could be repeated.
If you don’t think that you could possibly understand the details of the financial and banking world, think again. Get a hold of Inside Job and treat yourself to some raw information that exposes the decision makers and the benefactors. You won’t regret it. Highly Recommended.

Almost Compulsory Viewing.
Inside Job can be rented from most Video outlets and it is available for purchase online.

09 November 2012

David Penberthy and his smears – the Greens, the September 11 truthers and me

Dr. Jim Saleam

Editor's note: the following item was received a few weeks ago and is still entirely relevant.  It is published as received, however readers need to take into account references therein to the timing of the events described which are relative to the time the article was written and not to the date of publication.  The delay in publication is entirely the fault of your humble editor!

David Penberthy, scribbler at the Courier-Mail and Sunday Mail has over the last couple of weeks taken my name in vain in a newspapers’ war against the NSW Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon.

The story was that Senator Rhiannon met with Mr. John Bursill, a man who questions the official story and seeks ‘the truth’ about the September 2001 Twin Towers attacks in New York. It was then said that I had previously invited Mr. Bursill to address the Sydney Forum (variously described as a creation of the Australia First Party and an assembly of ‘far right activists’). It was then the smear that there is some ‘link’ between myself and Senator Rhiannon and she fails some credibility test via a ‘link’ with me. I could also say I might fail a credibility test via a link with her.

I note this horse manure has appeared also in The Australian newspaper over the last two weeks also. Why it should be that the papers have launched a broadside at Rhiannon I cannot say, but the truth around David Penberthy smells.

On September 23 the following appeared under Penberthy’s pen:

Lee Rhiannon: She can’t handle the truth(ers)

“Despite her left-wing convictions, Rhiannon went ahead and held a meeting with Bursill at the same time he had given an address to another meeting of right-wing extremists to push his truther views. The meeting was called the Sydney Forum and was a gathering of Far Right activists organised by a lapsed Nazi called Jim Saleam, the former head of the cheerily named National Socialist Party. “

Lovely. Unfortunately for Penberthy, I have never been the “former head” of the “cheerily named” National Socialist Party, a group which did exist in Australia, but which disappeared in 1975. I have observed that other journalists have insisted since that it does exist, but other than citing a few ex-agents of the discredited one-time Special Branch police making such claims, no evidence has really been produced. Of course, the journalists at issue knew whom they were quoting, which raises serious questions, all made worse because it has sometimes been me who has told them of this fact – but let us not stray too far from peeling back Penberthy’s falsity. Raising too many points about why journalists simply lie would be a book.

Penberthy’s bile prompted Senator Rhiannon to write in the Sunday Mail (September 30)

Greens senator says column incorrect:

David Penberthy (SM, September 23) made a serious mistake when he claimed that I attended and spoke at "a gathering of Far Right activists organised by a lapsed Nazi called Jim Saleam, the former head of the cheerily named National Socialist Party." This is false.

I have acknowledged I met with "truther", John Bursill. The Australian newspaper asserted that this person may have attended a meeting of the Sydney Forum. To then conclude that I attended this event or was associated with it is ludicrous.
- Lee Rhiannon, Australian Greens Senator for NSW

I have clashed with Penberthy before when he was editor at the Sydney Daily Telegraph, after I was smeared by a gutless ‘anti racist’ called Joe Hildebrand. I lost two cases against Hildebrand at the Press Council and won another, prompting Penberthy to berate me for taking cases there anyway. Of course, at the Press Council, wins and losses don’t mean too much as ‘truth’ ain’t really the issue there. Nonetheless, complaints can serve a useful purpose, although the best defence against journalist liars is never to talk to them at all.

But the hot story about this smear-monger goes back in time to Adelaide University in the 1980’s. Back then, Penberthy was a Trotskyite communist, a position from which he lapsed (sic) in the pursuit of the status and money a mainstream job surely holds. The story goes that either Penberthy personally, but certainly his closest friends, challenged violently two members of the nationalist organisation, Nation Action, which I then co-directed. Sadly, the Trotskyite gang picked the wrong two blokes and their defence against assault left bloodied noses and bruises.

Do I detect the smell of a journalist’s revenge? Is it that Penberthy can never resist a chance to tell some tall tale about me?

As nationalist politics develops in Queensland under the auspices of the Australia first Party, I have little doubt that David Penberthy will be there, his computer keyboard burning with his own ‘truth’ and his pen dripped in toilet water.

14 August 2012

Property Rights

Your reporter recently (29th-30th June 2012) attended the annual meeting, in Rockhampton Queensland this year, of Property Rights Australia, a group of which he has been a very ordinary member for a number of years, usually without attending anything.

Young nationalists may wonder what a property rights group has to do with the interests of nationalists. This is one of those matters that aren’t what they appear to be, to a casual glance. Secure property rights are one of the things that make the difference between a civilised country and an uncivilised one.

Without going into a lot of romantic stuff about our Christian heritage and the gradual development of “law and order” and the protection of the individual down through the centuries, it is still true, generally speaking, that our rellies in Europe and North America have secure property rights, and the dwellers in the uncivilised world do not.

In the uncivilised world, generally speaking, individuals do not have property: they are property. Their superiors own them. This is of course also the position of, for example, soldiers, even in the civilised world.

The first property right for the individual is the right not to be the property of someone more important, or of a group or commune. Communists disregard property rights, and even their highest leaders, once fallen from grace, have no practical rights against collective decisions. Lenin himself was strictly supervised, told what he could and could not write, in his last days.

The existence of people with secure property rights is a great hindrance to power-hungry governments. They do everything they can to whittle property rights away.

At present the stress point for property rights is the “global warming” story concocted by the environmentalists. It is claimed that the deadly danger of global warming makes it necessary for governments to override property rights. This drives people who own real property (land) wild: they never know what rights are going to be taken away next.

One of the differences between Communists and Fascists is that Communists seize property, but Fascists tell you it is still yours and you are still responsible for it, but they will tell you what you can and can’t do with it, often in considerable detail. Our democratic governments today are very much fascist governments. They have even taken over the family, telling parents increasingly what they can and cannot do with their children, while still holding the parents responsible if the children go wrong.

That is the great joke of the twentieth century: Mussolini and Hitler were denounced as evil men, and their armies were defeated, but the principles they had in common were increasingly adopted by their erstwhile enemies.

Today, we in Australia are the property of the worldwide collective. The plan is apparently to breed us out of existence, in favour of other races who for one reason or another enjoy the favour of the higher groups (pseudo-intellectuals and sentimentalists) who own us. (We might recall the replacement of Hereford cattle by Zebus forty years ago as an analogy.) We do not have property: we are property, and we are junk property at that. Our owners are planning to switch brands.

05 August 2012

The Olympic ideal doesn't extend to freedom of thought

In a move that reveals the true nature of political oppression in the world today, the German Olympic Committee is to send German rower Nadja Drygalla home because it is alleged that her boyfriend is an official in the German political party NPD (National Democrats) -- a party considered by its opponents to be "neo-Nazi".

Read the full report here:

We draw readers' attention to the following statement from German Olympic Committee official Michael Vesper: "If she confirms that she has nothing to do with (the far-right), why shouldn't she continue (to compete for Germany)?"

Attentive readers will notice that implicit in this statement is the simple fact that if she does in fact have any involvement personally in the "far-right", then her career is over.  This should surprise no-one.  The SMH article also mentions that her relationship was the reason for her resignation from the German police.  We might conclude that the resignation was not entirely a matter of choice, but the article does not specify.

Michael Vesper, incidentally, was until 2006 a German politician representing the far-left party Alliance 90/The Greens.

01 August 2012

An announcement regarding the Australia First email account

It has been brought to the attention of Australia First organisers that the official email contact for the Queensland Branch of the Party (afpqld@hotmail.com) is no longer being maintained.  Unfortunately, this has led to the suspension of the account in question.  This matter has been rectified, however a consequence of the suspension is that any emails received before the suspension occurred have been lost and cannot be recovered.

We understand that this is frustrating to all concerned, but request that anyone who has raised any important matters with us at this email address please re-send your email.  We guarantee that it will be answered promptly.  It is our firm resolve to put this unfortunate incident behind us by ensuring an efficient and businesslike service to all enquirers and supporters from this time forward.

09 June 2012

Jeremy Lee: Vale

Somewhat belatedly, Australia First Party would mention the sad passing, some eight weeks ago, of Jeremy Lee.

Mr. Lee was an earnest speaker, writer and campaigner on many issues of concern to patriotic Australians.

Jeremy Lee lived his early life in Kenya before moving to Australia in the 1960’s, where he became active with the Australian League Of Rights. In that capacity for over 20 years, he toured Australia as an inspirational speaker. After moving away from the League in the 1990’s, he continued in his general role and was a great supporter of the Inverell Forum.

In the last 15 years, it was not uncommon for videos and DVD’s from his remarkable tape-library to turn up in workplaces across the country on subjects such as the banking credit creation fraud, the New World Order and our rights and freedoms which have been under sustained attack.

In the last few years, Jeremy Lee was unwell and confined to care. His last political visitor was Perry Jewell. This old fighter will be missed by all who believe in winning Australian independence from the globalist forces. Vale: Jeremy Lee.

24 May 2012

Thoughts on the recent French Presidential Election

The following was sent in by an Australia First member and reader of this blog, regarding the French elections.  Although written before the final result was known, the writer has got it 'spot on' and the comments he has made are just as valid now with the benefit of hindsight as they were when he made them.  Despite being received too late to publish as an election preview, we publish this item now -- unaltered -- on its own merits.  Of course readers must allow for the use of the future tense in describing what is now a past event.

Establishment Watch:

The French Elections.

At the time of writing, the French presidential elections are not complete.

In France, the election of a President of the Republic is potentially, and often in actuality, a two-stage process. A round of voting takes place in which all duly nominated candidates are eligible. This may result in a majority of votes for one candidate, in which case he is declared elected. If not, a second round of voting takes place in which the voters must choose between the two candidates who placed first and second in the first round.

This resembles the “preferential” system of voting used in many Australian elections, except that it is cruder, and easier for voters to understand.

The present French elections have caused some concern to degenerates around the world: the evil, “extreme right” party, the Front Nationale, did better than expected, with 18-20% of the vote (the story to hand doesn’t put it more precisely than that).

As we all know, nice people do not vote for “far-right” parties. Voting for plain “right” parties is not very nice either, but when the “far right” comes into the picture, the “right” suddenly becomes halfway respectable.

The “Australian Financial Review,” Australian business’s newspaper of record, published on 24th April 2012 an opinion piece which, in the absence of anything else on the subject, may be taken as the newspaper’s own opinion on French politics.

The story describes the good result for the Front Nationale as unprecedented, which it isn’t: one or two elections ago, the Front Nationale candidate came in second, knocking the Socialist candidate out of the race, and forcing French leftist leaders to beg their followers to turn out and vote for the Conservative candidate, for fear (alors!) that the extra-evil candidate might win. This time, the Socialists actually came first, assuring them of a place in the second round.

That potentially leaves it up to the evil right-wing voters to choose between the two leading candidates, and on the usual (fictional) political spectrum, this means that the Conservative candidate should win comfortably. But French voters know more about French politics than Australian journalists do, and apparently the (sitting Conservative) President has such a reputation as a rat and a sycophant to Arab immigrants that the Front Nationale voters are unlikely to be able to bring themselves to vote for him.

So the Socialist candidate seems likely to win.

What Establishment politicians do is often unpredictable: politicians who claim to be conservative sometimes run spendthrift, race-mixing administrations, while leftist politicians have been known (on rare occasions) to clean things up. So it isn’t clear that honest (“evil right-wing”) voters have a dog in this race, or which dog it may be.

What may be more interesting is that the “Fin. Review” claims that the Front Nationale has abandoned free-market economics. According to the “Fin. Review,” whose readers generally speaking have a big stake in the continuation of some degree of free-market policy, the evil rightists are now making common cause with the Reds on this issue. Over one-third of French voters, the paper says, now vote for anti-market parties. Notice that this counts the French Socialists, like the Labor Party in Australia, as a business party.

10 May 2012

Peter Schuback scores a fine result in council elections

With a total of over 1000 votes and standing at 19.11% of vote, Peter Schuback has "done us proud" in representing the voice of ordinary Australia and the Australia First Party in Division 8 for the Fraser Coast Regional Council (Hervey Bay).

Results such as this put the corrupt parties of the establishment on notice that we have all had enough and want real change, not just a revolving door of career politicians and ex-bureaucrats.

But the story doesn't end here.  There were apparently some serious issues with the conduct of the ballot and a challenge to the result is in order.

Peter Schuback explains:
"In the Fraser Coast region some divisional polling booths ran out of ballot papers. This means that some people did not vote and in this case this should make the elections invalid. I am now calling on the EQC to declare the council election of 2012 invalid and for the ECQ to recall the elections at no cost to the candidates."

Well done, Peter -- and keep fighting!

27 April 2012

Peter Schuback: campaign announcement

The following is a campaign statement on behalf of Peter Schuback, Australia First member and candidate for Hervey Bay.

Peter Schuback: Achievements

I started the campaign to clean up Asbestos in Schools.

I put pressure on to the government to get two major toxic waste dumps cleaned up.

I put government and schools on notice under duty of care laws to stop bullying in schools.

With the help of the ACCC, I took Telstra to the high court in Melbourne for false and misleading advertising.

I took the oil companies on and forced them to pay compensation to people when their engines and pumps failed after the oil companies introduced low sulphur diesel without notifying anyone.

I forced the Federal Government to honour a contract to supply funds for a main road after promises were made leading up to an election.

I, along with Ken Hay, forced the State Government to clean up dumped refugee boats out of the Fitzroy River.

I have issued over 300,000 requests for a review of an infringement notice forms to people in Australia and overseas so they can contest unfair fines without going to court.

I exposed the State Government’s misinformation on Q-fever and made people aware of the problems caused from this disease.

I have, as the vice-president of the Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association, lobbied to get safe rates for truck drivers.

I have put the Government on notice using their own laws in regards to unsafe roads and they are now being pursued by persons who have been injured because of dangerous road conditions.

I am currently fighting to try to stop the increase in Fire Levies and the down-grading of a number of rural fire services.

I am currently letting people know about the failures of ULP (Unleaded petrol) and the damage that ethanol can and will do to your engines.

I have fought to make people aware of their rights and to stop governments from introducing unfair and unworkable laws.

I have for many years worked to make sure that people get a fair deal and that people are not screwed by Government departments.

I have achieved many things over and above what is listed here and I will continue to work to look after people and our region.

I have achieved more than most of the other candidates that are running for this council have.

If you want someone that will work and that has already achieved then give me your vote or if you want a would-be-if-they-could-be vote for someone else. While they are talking about it, I get it done.

Ideas and Solutions

We have problems, so I will set out some of them with the solutions.

Problems: high unemployment, low occupancy rates for accommodation suppliers, drugs and crime, small businesses going broke from lack of turn-over, homelessness – high number of people that are homeless or are couch hopping / sleeping in cars and in tents some in the bush – and that is just a few of our local problems.

Solutions to problems: high unemployment can or could be solved by turning our area into a trade free zone or enterprise zone, giving businesses an incentive to come to our region to set up with tax relief.

Problem: low occupancy rate for accommodation suppliers. Solution: promote our region along with all other shires in our region in a joint push for tourists. Simple ideas like distributing 250,000 leaflets promoting our region in other states. 

Problem: drugs and crime. Solution: get courts to sentence first offenders to either a term in jail or a term learning a trade so they are given a chance to become a tradie in life. Make them work and be tired and they won’t have enough time to get stoned or commit petty crimes. 

Problem: small businesses going broke. Solution: promote our area or region by having our school children become pen-friends with other children around Australia and the rest of the world and have them invite those children to our region for holidays. They spend money and our region prospers. Put up signs up and down the highways telling people what we have to offer. Send out DVDs of the attractions in our area to all military bases around the world inviting the people that view then to come here for R&R. Get a rep to travel to all major businesses around Australia that employ a large number of people and show them the DVDs over lunch and give out promotional material. Steel mills, car manufacturers, paper mills and many other large volume employers would be targeted. 

Problem: homeless persons. Solution: build low cost accommodation for our homeless. (Could be Council owned and operated to create an income for the council and a asset that increases in value.) A 9 metre x 6 metre cottage can cost as little as $30,000 to build. Ok, so they are not flash, but they are dry and can be built to get people off of the streets and out of cars. Low-cost accommodation of this sort is going to become a priority in the coming years as our populations get older and they can not afford the high costs of the current type of accommodation.

Ok, so we have a problem with crime in our area and there are a lot of young people that are getting themselves into trouble and spoiling their lives and we need to stop and look at the reasons why. Education is in some way at fault and I am not blaming the teachers but the system. Some young people are either academically bright or lean more towards trades. The ones that lean towards trades should have the ability in school to be taught a trade say from grade eight and they would be trade-ready and have the qualifications to be tradespeople when they leave school and would only have to do one year under a master tradesman while the ones that are more academically inclined should be taught the skills they need in that area to follow their dreams. As we all know children develop at different speeds and some will not be able to be taught trades whilst still at school and will come out of the education system still lacking life skills. I believe the solution here is to train them when they are a little more mature. That's where our retired tradies come into play. They should, if they wish, become trainers and to give them the incentives to train people they should be able to earn up to $40,000 per year tax free. So where is this money coming from? Well, it costs around $40,000 per year so I have been informed to keep one young person in a low-security facility. For every person that we keep out of the jail system and out of trouble we will be able to employ a trainer. There are many retired people out there who can and would like to pass on their skills. We are not going to be able to help every child but for every one we keep away from drugs and crime, we and our society are the winners and the young people we help will be able to contribute to our society in a meaningful way.

Ok, so here are a few ideas to fix some of our problems. All are low cost and will give value for money. 

So now it’s time for people to stop whinging about our region and its problems and get off of their butts and do some thing to fix the problems. GET INVOLVED and work to fix the problems. All of the above affect us all in one way or another so help to fix the problems.

Peter Schuback

0408 458 232

Written and Authorised by Peter Schuback 191 Condor Drive Hervey bay 4655.

Get involved – join Peter’s campaign forum:

11 April 2012

One Nation: where to from here?

A Message to Current and Former One Nation Members: 

This statement is intended as a positive, constructive message to the One Nation party, addressed in good faith to all members of One Nation --  and particularly to those members who still want to make a difference and who are now, or soon will be, considering their options. 
It is not in any way an attack on One Nation or the many good people who joined that party for a variety of worthy reasons.
Nor is it an exercise in "triumphalism".
Rather it is an earnest attempt to get to grips with a simple matter of fact –that the One Nation Party is now in terminal decline– and to ask, constructively, the obvious question: what options are now available to members of One Nation who still wish to be active, to be part of a change for the better, to confront and overcome the corrupt globalist system that we all, on the nationalist side of politics, must and do oppose?
The options are, as we hope you will see it :
1) attempt to resurrect One Nation
2) give up and admit defeat
3) do something else.

It is option one that brings us straight to the crux of the matter.

Nation was a lightning rod for an angry, disillusioned and mobilised population.  But those days of early triumph and the One Nation juggernaut have long since gone.

Nation's current leadership has allowed the party to drift away from its original purpose to expose and attack the various forces at work in the sell-off and sell-out of traditional Australia.  Under the specific direction of certain individuals, there has in particular been a complete retreat from one of the core complaints that defined the early One Nation party: namely, the Asianisation of Australia One Nation once clearly opposed this attack on our national identity.  It is now equally clear that this is not longer the case.

Hanson has vanished from Australia's political scene.  There is no indication that she will ever be back.  Nor has any individual emerged with her qualities who might plausibly revive the populism that underpinned the One Nation phenomenon.

things stand, One Nation is facing an imminent crisis.  The party likely faces Federal de-registration very soon.  Some State branches are in sufficiently good shape to withstand similar moves in their own State electoral systems for perhaps some time to come, but the process nevertheless is very much a one-way ride to nowhere.

in all, the picture would seem grim if we were to suppose that the continued survival of the One Nation party structure and its "brand" were somehow essential to the work that One Nation and its members set out to do.

this is not the case.

said, if One Nation as an entity cannot survive, what are its members to do?

second option is to do nothing: give up and retire from active work.

we do not support this option, we note it because the human spirit has its limits and --sadly-- a great many people have been, and will continue to be, burnt out by the long slumber and slow destruction of One Nation.  Further, we mention this option because, if a suitable opportunity for real activism is not made apparent to One Nation members and soon, many more may take this path.

we must look to the third option: find some other way to "fight the fight".  Here there is a choice to be made.

is the Katter party, of course.  We have concerns about the Katter party, in particular its insistence on increasing our population no matter what the cost.  We quote from their website: "Australia needs to increase its population to achieve acceptable levels of economic, scientific, strategic and personal development. Government must develop immigration and birth rate policies consistent with these principles. In addition, the population growth needs to be distributed widely throughout Australia and especially into northern Australia."   Reference: Point 21 of the Australian Party's Values and Principles -- see http://www.ausparty.org.au/who-we-are/values-and-principles.html

implications of this policy are clear: mass immigration into Australia's north.

we acknowledge that some One Nation people will get on board with Bob Katter on the grounds that he is (they will say) a patriot, a populist and a strong new force in the political scene.  We will see what transpires, but note that the Katter phenomenon looks very much like a new variation on the Hanson phenomenon.  Yes, there are points of difference, but overall we see a similar strategy, with electoral work being the only focus of the organisation, as well as similar structures -- the "strong" leadership figure and a support base of disillusioned people, but once again no attempt to unite the party around a single, consistent view of the national question. 

the Katter group turns into another One Nation, the danger is that yet again many good people will be first directed into what we feel to be futile vote-chasing efforts, probably for a number of years, and then, when it is all over, a large number of those people will leave yet another organisation disillusioned, worn out and ready to quit the fight for good.

has to be a better option.

is the view of Australia First that this better option is to break free from the obsession with vote-chasing and adopt a broader strategy in which electoral work is combined with -- and at times very much subordinate to -- community campaigns and educational work of all sorts.

have outlined this strategy before:
"The Australia First Party is an incorporation registered as a Federal party. That does not mean that its function is only to contest elections. The party operates to thethree tier method. This means that the party contests elections, wages community campaigns of all sorts to build links with fellow Australians and to unite all Australians - and develops its ideas and principles into an Australianist ideology that also carries on a cultural defence of Australianity against globalisation. The three tiers operate as a unity." ( http://afpwa.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/for-patriotic-united-front.html )

suggest to One Nation members that this kind of approach is the one to which they too should turn their attention and efforts.  We make this recommendation to all activists and would-be activists, regardless whether they remain for a time within what is left of the One Nation structure, leave the party and operate on their own for a time, join the Katter party, or eventually come over to Australia First, by whatever circuitous route they may take.  We are not out to exclude or vilify good people.  We do however point out that this three-tier approach to activism was largely absent in One Nation, despite the best efforts of some members to change this fact.  One Nation, as a whole, sought only to engage with ordinary Australians as "ballot-box fodder".  We hope the Katter party will be different, but fear that it too is caught up in the hypnotic dance of the electoral cycle and will likely remain so until its eventual demise.

in the Australia First party is such a broad and dynamic strategy front and centre, supported and nurtured by the organisation at every level.  Therefore we say to One Nation members: consider your situation.  You are a great asset to our nation's cause, if only you will keep up the fight.  We have suggested the only option we believe will allow you to do so.  When you are ready, we will welcome you.