23 December 2011

Our Position Regarding the Katter (Australian) Party

Members ask: what is our attitude to Bob Katter's "Australian Party", specifically with respect to the upcoming Queensland election?

This was a matter discussed at length at our recent State Meeting and is deserving of clarification.

Supporters of the Australia First Party, and readers of this blog, will be aware that we have specific criticisms of the Katter group.

We are very clear about the policies and positions that we believe to be critically important for Australia's future. Our members and supporters would not be part of Australia First if they were not similarly clear that the ultraliberal, globalising order simply has to go if our nation is to have any future at all. As such, we do not compromise on what we firmly believe to be matters of vital principle. This does not mean we are inflexible, merely that our focus is clear. We have a job to do.

There are some policies espoused by the Katter group that worry us.  In particular, we do condemn the Katter view that immigration should be continued to increase Australia’s population. This can only be done with Third World migrants who cannot be assimilated to Australia without Australia being assimilated to them. Immigration has had its day. To say otherwise is dangerous and foolish and is a fundamental difference between us.

However it is also our view that the supporters of Katter's party, and most likely Katter himself, have only honourable intentions to see rural Australia put right to the advantage of Australia. Any differences in our platforms are, accordingly, due not to differences in our devotion to Australia, but in precisely how we understand the nature of the problem our nation faces. It is our view that certain troubling Katter policies are most likely due to a perception that the problems we face are merely problems of policy which require "tweaking".

We know differently. Our problem is an alien ideology imposed on our nation by very malignant and entirely self-serving forces, none of which have our nation's interests at heart in any way. Whereas we know this ideology has to be deconstructed and broken before change is possible, those who believe in "tweaking" and fine-tuning the system naturally do not have a clear, unified approach but instead are liable to believe in a patchwork-quilt of policy positions that each independently seem reasonable. This does not make them people of bad conscience in any sense whatsoever, and, without surrendering our principles in any way, we can certainly work with such people for the common interests of our nation.

On a practical level, due to the constraints of the electoral registration process, it is unlikely that Australia First will have completed a successful state registration application before the Queensland election, an election which rumour has it might well be called early.

We are not "wreckers". It is not our intention to see Bob Katter, whatever his faults, fail and the Liberal/Labor system succeed at his expense.

As is already our stated policy, we encourage independents to challenge the parties of the system at this and every election. It is not a stretch to include in this definition those parties, such as Katter's, which we fully hope will be proved to be genuinely independent of the system. Australia First therefore intends at the next election to endorse any number of candidates such as we might find upon investigation to be worthwhile and who have Australia's interests at heart. It is likely we will also recommend a vote for Bob Katter ahead of the Liberal/Labor system as part of this.

As we always remind our supporters and voters in general, there is no point whatsoever in a vote for Labor or Liberal (LNP) at this or any future election. Do not be taken in by LNP rhetoric to the effect that a vote for LNP is essential to get rid of Anna Bligh. This is their scam, a long-running trick worthy of any sideshow hustler. Don't fall for it.

At the upcoming Queensland state election, we feel that despite the real problems with Katter's policies, his members and supporters are good people whose hearts are in the right place. Accordingly, we recommend that a vote for the "Australian Party" is an acceptable alternative on this occasion.

16 December 2011

Update: Christmas Party

Earlier this blog carried a notice regarding a Christmas party organised by a supporter of the Australia First Party in Brisbane.  As an update, the following has been received for publication and is reproduced accordingly:


CHRISTMAS PARTY ON 23rd of December Friday 6pm Venue to be notified on call

Please Come along and Clash Celebrative Cheers!

Ring 0404376850

We would like to commend the supporter in question for his efforts in organising this event and hope he will be rewarded with a good attendance and positive 'vibe'.  If you are free on the date in question, please do join him in what promises to be a fun event and a night to remember.

A Christmas Event

A supporter in Brisbane advises that an informal Christmas social event is being organised and has asked that details be posted on the blogsite.

The event will take the form of a dinner party at a quality restaurant. Plans are flexible but the event may be held on either the 23rd or 24th, depending on what best suits those planning to attend. There is a possibility of holding the event in either Brisbane or Toowoomba, again dependent on the wishes of attendees.

The organiser hopes to see Toowoomba, Brisbane and Gold Coast members and supporters for what is planned to be a fun, informal night of pre-Christmas festivities and a chance to build a good social atmosphere and create camaraderie between local supporters. An excellent way to meet other like-minded people in your area!

For details, please ring 0404 376 850.

15 December 2011

Web poll: do you want judges to dispense with juries?

Yet another attack on the fundamental right to trial by jury!


Today Tonight is running a web poll on this question and we encourage all readers of this blog to stand up for our rights and register a clear vote on this important question.

You can vote by following this link: http://au.news.yahoo.com/today-tonight/polls/popup/-/poll_id/64204

The Globalising Order, Once Again, Teeters On The Edge Of Collapse

Editor's Note: the following was published in an internal document in November; while events described are not now so recent as when this was written, the information contained here is still of significance and accordingly is reproduced here in its original form.
- - -
Dr. Jim Saleam
The pathetic spectacle of Julia Gillard telling the G 20 Nations Summit to get tough on certain European countries in order to salvage globalist capitalism was worse than a case of the mouse that roared. It was also an example of the fear that has gripped the little sister of the leaders of the so-called western world.  All is not well in the fairytale ledger books of the bankers and the multinationals. Like three years ago, the system now teeters again on the edge of collapse.
The big alarm was sounded as the Greek state, facing bankruptcy, might default on its financial obligations. Obligations? And if Greece defaults, the Italy, then Spain, just as Ireland and Iceland all but did last year and the year before.
For the ignorant in their McMansions in suburban Australia, all this is far away and hard to understand. Yet, some Australians do understand – some business-people pushed to the wall by overseas competition, some farmers pushed off their land by the mining multinationals, towns threatened with water takeovers, students threatened by overseas student influxes. All these things are part of globalisation and some Australians have taken the road of resistance. Still, the great mass do not understand. Experience teaches and it is sure to show that the big tale of permanent economic progress and expansion in a globalised economy is also one big lie. It was an evil lie too that has killed off our farms, factories, and businesses and endangered our heritage as Australians. McMansion land opted out of it all for the dollars. These folk are our people too, even if we can be more than a little unhappy with their indolence or their self-interested greed, their veritable resignation from being Australian.
Right now, eyes are riveted on Greece.
For those of us who are students of politics, Greece presents an interesting model. The borders are cracking open and immigrant criminals flood the streets. If you resist you are called by the alien media a “far right extremist”. Unemployment rises. People don’t get paid. Businesses fold and anarchists try to incite street riots. The government rules by threats of force. All parties reveal themselves as parties of the regime, all bow to globalist money.
Into the maelstrom has come the Greek party ‘Golden Dawn’. I publish here an extract from a Greek newsmagazine. This is what is coming for Australia. For my part I wish the Greek party Golden Dawn the political victory they deserve:
“In July, reports in the Greek press citing information by the police and E.U. border-control organization FRONTEX revealed that neighbouring Turkey is about to release approximately 10,000 Asian illegal immigrants that were apprehended in Turkey en route to the European Union via the Greek-Turkish borders. Since the issue of unconstrained immigration from Asia has become a focal theme in Greece and in conjunction with the recession in the economy, these reports alarmed quite a few pundits that predict a "hot winter" within the Greek urban centres, due to the further increase of illegal aliens in the country lacking employment and shelter.
Dr. Nestor Kourakis, professor of criminology in Athens, in a recent university survey revealed the extent by which criminal rates have affected the daily lives of Athenian citizens. According to the survey, 85.1 percent of the residents in the centre of the city have been victimized by criminal action, and 76 percent state that they are afraid to live in their neighbourhoods. Moreover, 70 percent state that the police cannot do anything to assist them, and more than 50 percent say they should take the law into their own hands. The statistics reveal a situation that contains elements of social implosion not far away. The vast majority of the participants in the survey blame illegal immigration as the primarily factor for the criminal rates.
Far-right groups started patrolling in certain regions in Athens, the most notable one named "Golden Dawn." There are also many incidents of small-scale rioting and violence between different ethnic groups and attacks against immigrants that have surpassed the level of spontaneous violence and seem to be organized by competing centres of local criminal power aiming to control parts of the city's centre for reasons mostly related to narcotics contraband and the accumulation of capital through illicit means.”

01 December 2011

The Ties That Bind -- Guest Post

  The 'Australian Financial Review' is a daily newspaper, not perhaps for those in the big end of town, but for those who, like this reader, would like to be.
     It adopts the usual trendy-left editorial stance of daily newspapers everywhere in Australia, pretending to be unaligned but treating any sort of principled position (such as nationalism) with contempt.
     On the inside back page (one of its opinion pages) on 17th November, the 'Fin' published a piece entitled "It's Time to Spell Out the Ties That Bind," by one Josh Frydenberg, who is described as the Federal Member for Kooyong, party affiliation not reported.
     Mr Frydenberg is on about the visit to Australia by the (negro) head of state of our esteemed ally, America. He starts by recounting our shared history, being on the same side in every stoush since World War I, win or lose.
     "For both nations," he lets us know, "democracy is our beacon, commerce is our creed and we share a fundamental belief in the power of the individual" - as long as the individual isn't a self-respecting human being, I suppose.
     He goes on to point out, quite rightly, that paying for "security" in the "Asia-Pacific region" is getting to be expensive for the American taxpayer.
     The article then makes a reference to the latest free-trade deal, before drifting off into frothy generalities.
     This reader is buggered if he can figure out what the 'Financial Review' means by it.
     Is it a warning that the Americans are apt to leave us in the lurch? Does it mean that we had better toe the American line more carefully in the dangerous days ahead? Or is it telling us that maybe we'd better suck up to China a bit, too?
     Maybe, in light of the supposed new defence deal whereby a small number of American marines are apparently to be stationed in Darwin, it is just one more bit of dust kicked into the air, in a futile attempt to confuse the Indonesians and the Chinese about what we would want American troops for.
     Australia pays a heavy price for American protection. The protection is there, no doubt about it. But like the protection of an alcoholic father or a mentally ill mother, it comes at a cost. We have to send troops to every ill-conceived American policy initiative that includes shooting at somebody. We have to accept sick American cultural values like multiculturalism and race-mixing. In this, of course, we are no different from Europe - although Turkey, Israel, Taiwan and Japan apparently do not have to accept racial pollution as a price of American protection. Maybe there is a difference there somewhere.
     Anyway, the story is accompanied by a nice piccie of Barack and Julia strolling arm-in-arm away from a couple of flags - no prizes for guessing which ones. Is there symbolism here? Are they leaving Australia and America behind and strolling into a Chinese future? Buggered if I know.

22 November 2011


Guest post by: Peter Schuback

So now they want to punish the parents of children that do the wrong thing and make the parents pay for their childrens’ crimes, what a bloody good idea.

What would have been a better idea was for the bloody do-gooders to stay the hell out of trying to tell parents of children how to bring up their kids. These dumb bastards were the ones that informed the kids that they had rights. That they could take their parents to court or get them charged if the parents gave the kids a bit of a clip under the LUG (ear).

When I was a kid I had a bit of respect for the law and for other people’s property. Why? Well because there was a detective sergeant named Banister that would give us a bloody good flogging if we did the wrong thing. He was a great guy and one of the few good coppers I ever met.

So over all we never got up to much mischief and if we did it was all good, clean fun.

Then along came these do-gooder bastards that thought they knew better and told us how to raise our kids. I was lucky, my seven are great people and have done well for themselves but I never took any notice of the dickheads that tried to get me to raise my kids by sparing the rod and spoiling the child. Well you clowns, you are the ones that have taken the rights away from the parents and now the younger generations have no respect for anyone or anything. You caused the problem and now you want to punish the parents that were forced to bring up their children the way you clowns wanted.

Children are much like untrained animals and they have to be taught and guided to learn how to live and respect other people, the law and most of all themselves. If they are let run wild you end up with ferals that have no respect for themselves or other people or the laws of the land. So if anyone should be made pay for the crimes of these uneducated wild little feral bastards it should be the do-gooders that took away the rights of the parents and the politicians and law enforcers that stood over the parents and enforced the wishes of the do-gooders on the parents of the children.

20 November 2011

Australia First State Meeting -- Update

Readers of this blog may be aware that a State Meeting for the Australia First Party is scheduled for:

9:45am - 4pm on Saturday 3rd December

Some readers and supporters will naturally wish to attend and have asked for full details to be published.

After discussing the matter with the organisers, the decision of the Party is that for security reasons (at least one threat has been received already) the venue of the meeting should not be published on the blog.

Members should have already received a flier with all the necessary details. However it is certainly not our intention that this meeting should be "members only". Far from it. We want as many as possible to attend, but we must also be careful and therefore anyone wishing to attend the meeting needs to be either a guest of a member or must contact us directly. You will understand that we will not be able to give this information to simply anyone who asks, but those who are "known to us" will certainly be assisted. All subscribers to this blog who subscribed before today will receive a personal notice shortly.

For details regarding the venue, please contact: afpqld@hotmail.com

15 November 2011

When China Rules the World

Author Martin Jacques speaks on French TV station France 24 about his book "When China rules the World: the Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World."

Video: http://www.france24.com/en/20101211-martin-jacques-author-journalist (11 minutes)

And meanwhile, the Chinese takeover of Australia continues:

Chinese Expansion Fears Revealed

It's not if, but when, China owns the world

Chinese migrants top Britons for first time

Toxic food imports

Mining threat riles Felton farmers

Australians have every right to ask our Federal and State governments what measures they will take to protect our identity, our environment and our future from the growing threat of Chinese Imperialism.  The parties of the system will continue to sit on their hands, but Australia First must and will take a stand on this menace to our national interest.

22 October 2011

Discrimination against Australians -- in our own land!

Check out the following advertisement, placed on the internet classifieds site Gumtree:


The advertisement, for an accounts clerk, specifies:
Must be fluent in Indian dialect – Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and or other Indian Language is an advantage

How much more of this must we endure?

Wake up Australia -- we are being displaced.  Will you still vote ALP/LNP at the next election?  It is important that we all understand very clearly (and make others understand) that the so-called major parties have been, for many years, complicit in this active policy of "reverse" (sic) discrimination, open borders and the ever-present obsession with the "free flow of labour and capital".

Of course, it had to be so.  The poor confused devils in the old guard of both "major" parties, not to mention many in the One Nation Party, Bob Katter's "Australian" Party (it is no such thing -- just read their policies, in particular point 21 of their programme which reveals their stance in favour of mass immigration) and various other civic nationalist groups, simply don't understand the problem.  Yet it is very simple.  The reason we have a multicultural policy today is in part because the powers-that-be want to create a society with no identity, which suits their programme perfectly; but it is also -- and this must be acknowledged -- because the former policy of assimilation was an utter failure, and in fact did fail before multiculturalism was ever thought of.  As much as anything else, multiculturalism represents the typical political response to any problem: find the line of least resistance and follow it.  This is exactly what has been done.  When assimilation failed -- as it has failed, and is now catastrophically failing in countries such as France, which famously rejected multiculturalism and stuck with assimiliationism to the bitter end -- it led to an ethnically divided population, as indeed it always must.  Faced with this, it has always been easier for politicians to simply accept the situation rather than address the problem.

So what does the future hold?  For the time being, more of the same.  A policy to import labour on a vast scale, irrespective of origin, must create a multi-ethnic state.  Nationalists have long predicted that the result would be a society in which businesses, politicians and public people of all types are under constant pressure to conform to the combined interests and tastes of the many ethnicities present within the broader society and in particular, to those dominant in their local area.  The link posted above is just one example among a large and exponentially growing body of evidence in support of this prediction.

What is the solution?  We must reject the lie that mass immigration benefits our society.  We must change how we think, how we vote, how we consume -- always with a view to our long-term interests, not just the next five minutes. And above all else, we must remain true to our identity, our people and our nation.

Australia First is ready to accept this challenge and we call on you to be part of the fight.

18 October 2011

You can now subscribe to this blog by email

We have been experimenting for the past few days with an email subscription option for this blog and are pleased to announce that this feature is now 'live'.

To begin receiving email updates, simply enter your preferred email address in the form on this page and click the 'Subscribe' button to enjoy regular updates from Australia First Qld Branch. You will only receive updates when new posts appear on this site, so please be aware that your subscription will not begin until the next time the blog site is updated.

The service we are using also permits you to help spread the word by including a customised 'forward to a friend' link within each email bulletin and we urge you to use this any time you receive an update that might be of particular interest to someone in your contacts list. Please do not 'spam' people however, by sending these forwarded messages to all and sundry -- it will be most helpful if you are selective about sending these emails to those who will be likely to appreciate them.

Please note that if you change your mind about being a subscriber, you can easily cancel your subscription from within your email account, simply by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link that will also be included in every email.

15 October 2011

Have your say on "asylum seekers"

Show the ABC what real Australia thinks about the boat invaders!

ABC News Radio has regular polls on their website. Today's question:

"Are you in favour of asylum seekers being released into the community after initial health and security checks?"

To have your say, follow this link:


The ABC has for too long perceived itself to be an impenetrable fortress for the globalist, "open borders" world-view. By regularly visiting sites like the one above and voting in these polls, we can begin the process of taking back these bastions of anti-nationalism and allow the voice of real Australia to be heard once more.

Let's give the ABC and its politically correct supporters a rude awakening!

10 October 2011

Shocking report on sex slavery in Australia to air on ABC TV tonight

The story below is from ABC Radio's AM programme and heralds a disturbing report to be aired tonight on "Four Corners" (ABC 1).  Naturally, the ABC will not discuss or highlight in any way the obvious ethnic dimension to the problem -- that would go against the diktat of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism. We urge nationalists to watch tonight's broadcast and see for themselves the true nature of a multi-ethnic state.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2011/s3335636.htm
Audio: http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/news/audio/am/201110/20111010-am5-sex-slaves.mp3

Sex slavery prevalent in Australia

TONY EASTLEY: There are hundreds of legal brothels operating in suburbs right across Australia but elements of the industry have been tied to human trafficking and sex slavery.

Tonight Four Corners exposes the criminal underworld that's meeting demands for Australia's big sex industry.

Bronwyn Herbert reports.

BRONWYN HERBERT: The trade in sex trafficking is growing internationally and Australia is cemented in this business.

BROTHEL WORKER: I give you some information about the shop.


BROTHEL WORKER: Tonight we only have Asian girls working - is okay for you?

REPORTER: Yeah I'll meet them, yeah.

BROTHEL WORKER: Okay, the price is half hour …

BRONWYN HERBERT: Hundreds of women say they've been forced to work in Australia as sex slaves.

A woman known as "Rose" moved to Australia to study English at a private language school.

But soon after arriving in Melbourne, she received a phone call from her agent in China - a woman she knew by the name of 'Taiwan Linda' telling her she now had a debt of more than $20,000 and would have to work to pay it off.

ROSE: I went blank in my mind. I was really shocked.

BRONWYN HERBERT: The testimony was provided after a police raid at a Melbourne brothel known as Madam Leona's.

ROSE: I decided to try and leave the flat right then. I moved toward the front door and Kevin physically stopped me from leaving by using his body and arms to stand in front of me.

KATHLEEN MALTZAHN: Down the road on the other side of Brunswick Street there is a brothel that hasn't had any trapping to my knowledge but the owner of that was convicted of child prostitution a number of years ago. Beyond that in Smith Street there is a place that has closed down now but at least one person I know, one woman I know was trafficked there.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Kathleen Maltzahn is an anti-trafficking campaigner and believes the cases the Federal Police have uncovered are only a fraction of the problem:

KATHLEEN MALTZAHN: No one's really looking, no one's really counting in Australia.

BRONWYN HERBERT: The trail of evidence from many women trafficked to Australia - led Four Corners to the Chinese island state of Taiwan.

Justine Wang represents Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation.

JUSTINE WANG: For that Mrs Chen's case I think she already traffic at least hundreds more than 100 women.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Justine Wang says the woman known as "Taiwan Linda" plays a big role supplying women to brothels in Australia.

JUSTINE WANG: She hired lawyer in China to help those women pass the language test and then apply for student visa and then using their student visa to traffic women into Australia and force them into prostitution.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Pei-Yu Huang is a prosecutor in Taiwan. He says at least 60 girls have been trafficked from Taiwan to Australia but he says Australian police haven't requested the evidence:

PEI-YU HUANG (translated): I don't know how Australia and Taiwan can collaborate on this case but I think it is good if we can share information especially about Yao Yao (phonetic) because she trafficked Chinese girls to Australia and although we have evidence in Taiwan it's out of my jurisdiction.

BRONWYN HERBERT: Chris McDevitt from the AFP warns clients of brothels be warned.

CHRIS MCDEVITT: If they knowingly go into these situations and knowingly use somebody who is subject to slavery, they can find themselves at the end of a criminal charge, and I would have no hesitation, and indeed would relish the opportunity of locking anybody up that was actually involved in that knowingly.

TONY EASTLEY: Chris McDevitt , the commander of the human trafficking unit with the Australian Federal Police, ending that report from Bronwyn Herbert.

The full story tonight on Four Corners, at 8.30 on ABC1.


29 September 2011

Rip-off on fuel prices

Are the people of Australia stupid or just plain lazy?

We are being told that we are paying more for our petrol and oil-based products because of the very slight decline in the value of the Australian Dollar. If you bother to do the research on oil prices and the value of the Australian Dollar, you will determine that you are being screwed by both the oil companies and the Australian Federal government. The oil companies are ripping us all off with the sanction of the government. Yes, there was an investigation by the ACCC but the parameters were set so the ACCC could not come back with any other result than the one they came back with. The government is allowing us to be screwed so they can get more tax out of every item that is oil-based. Every dollar more we pay for our oil-based products is an extra 10 cents the government gets in GST. Go do a bit of research and look back to 1966 when we first went decimal. Look at the price of a barrel of oil against the value of the Australian dollar against the value of the US Dollar and the cost of a litre of petrol every year since that time and you will see that you are being screwed. If a barrel of oil is selling for US $89 and the Australia Dollar is valued at 90 cents against the US Dollar you should be paying no more than 89 cents per litre at the bowsers. Do the research yourself and find out just how much you are being ripped off for. The price of a litre of petrol determines how much you pay for nearly every item you buy every day, so the flow-on factor to the government in extra GST is huge. The extra cost for transport alone is phenomenal and that is without the extra cost for the raw materials, production, distribution, manufacturing and all the other costs that have been added because the price at the bowsers is being held artificially high. Write to your local state and federal members of parliament and demand a royal commission into petrol prices.

Peter Schuback

27 September 2011

The Liberal National Party In A Pressure Cooker: Jim Saleam Interviewed On ‘Katter’s Australian Party’ And ‘One Nation – Queensland’.

Australia First Party (Queensland) has conducted this political interview with Dr. Jim Saleam of the party’s National Council. Nationalists need clarity as the political struggle to create a people’s party in Queensland intensifies:

AFQ: Australia First has on its hands a real fight for ‘political space’ in Queensland with Katter’s Australian Party and One Nation. Do you agree with that and what’s the solution?

Jim Saleam: True. The political market for parties espousing any sort of pro-Australian position, let alone nationalist economics and politics, is now cluttered. As we move on with getting the numbers to register ourselves as a political party in Queensland, many ordinary folks might say – ‘why another party?’ Yet, we are not being sectarian. These other parties say some of the things we say, but they have one over-riding DNA-marker that says they are not us. They both represent the Liberal National Party membership in a pressure cooker. That means two things: firstly, they are really Lib-Nats under stress and like water subjected to heat they turn to volatile steam, but if circumstances change they go back to water – and secondly, that they are political satellites of the Liberal National Party; they give some ideological and political loyalty to it despite critical words and might go back there under certain circumstances. The answer for us is an independent politics that stresses not only the people’s interest but raises issues and fights for things that the system parties have betrayed and fought against – national independence, European-Australia, popular democracy, an end to free trade and globalisation. The Lib-Nats are just one face of the same globalist politics. They are not the ‘better’ alternative to anything.

AFQ: Satellites?

Jim Saleam: This is not a difficult idea to grasp. And it is a revolutionary tool to understand how politics works. A satellite structure is one that shares many ideological and political positions with a system major party. It might mouth off a bit more, or talk about something the major party won’t because the major party is ‘floating’ policy options first through the mouth of someone else. But they corral all the support that has moved out from a major party on certain critical grounds into a type of holding pen. There they can froth and scream, but seldom do they become completely independent. They ‘preference’ backwards at election time; they demand the major party ‘reforms’ itself; their policies reflect that they are a ‘tougher’ version of the major party. If the major party is clever (as it is), it’ll make a few noises in the direction of the satellite, holding out the idea that there is big support left inside them if the satellite will stick around. On occasion, the major party will appear to ‘adopt’ the programme of the satellite (it doesn’t say too much for the policy if it can), frustrating the satellite but still holding out the delusion that the system can be ‘reformed’. The satellite also attracts new and genuine people who continue to orbit around the major party. So, we think that both the Katterites and One Nation are basically satellites. Do not even take their words for what they say; look at what they do. And remember one qualification: some of the recruits to a satellite are indeed fair dinkum in every way and may seek to move on as political circumstances develop. The Liberal Party’s management of One Nation for the last 15 years has followed the satellite pattern.

AFQ: What do you specifically object to in the policies of Katter’s Australian Party and what do you support?

Jim Saleam: I can’t understand why Bob wants to keep immigration high. Immigration has had its day. He has this vision of settling northern Queensland – which we could do by getting people to move from the big cities – but he imagines that immigrants are the answer. Sustainability for Australia is not part of his ethos. But more importantly, I ask – who are these immigrants? In fairness, I rang Bob’s office and was told that Australia should skew a little more towards “ancestral” sources, but then I was also told that there’d be no discrimination on race. That means – Asia, South Asia, Africa, wherever. In my view, this multi-racialist perspective poisons the Katter party. It means that many good points in his programme  – like protecting our agricultural produce from overseas competition and saving our farmers from the mining multinationals, are overridden. Immigration is a key element of globalisation. Of course, in the short term many ordinary folks won’t see the downside and rally on the positives. I understand that. They are desperate – but the denial of heritage and identity will tell in the end. We will make sure that it does.  We will pick up the pieces from what will be the contradictions of Katterism.

AFQ:  What do you specifically object to in the policies of the One Nation party and what do you specifically support?

Jim Saleam: One Nation has some policies that are nationalist-inspired. Like us, they object to free trade, espouse the defence of Australian farming and manufactures and they stand up for a type of patriotism. Many people are attracted to it on that basis. However, One Nation has made it very clear in Queensland that it is working to elect a “conservative government”, “where we have some say”. The bottom line is that they will have no say and they have sold out to the Lib-Nats. One Nation is an electoralist party. That means everything they say and everything they do is tailored to electorates and electoral policy and running in elections, meeting only between elections to plan more elections and so on. The idea of a continually activist party, rooted in the soil of the community and conducting popular struggles and initiatives – is not for One Nation.  Ironically, the reason they don’t do well in elections – is because they are electoralists!

I say further One Nation has been taken over by a group of people who have changed its stance on immigration. These people want a policy that will change the European basis of the society. They don’t care where immigrants come from as long as they ‘assimilate’ (whatever that means). We say openly that there are some source-pools we don’t want – and whom we don’t wish to ‘assimilate’. It seems too that the only gripe these new One Nation leaders have is with Moslems and this game of jumping up and down about Moslems is also played by the Liberals. Of course, Moslem immigration should never have taken place – but if there is any immigration threat to Australia it is the one from Asia. The new One Nation leadership is just sucking people in to a politics that is not independent of the Lib-Nats. We call on One Nation members to take the road of nationalism – and find Australia First.

AFQ: Do the Katter party and One Nation have any potential to radicalize?

Jim Saleam: Yes. Some of the members have a decided potential to go beyond the limits set for them. Farmers in the ‘Shut The Gate’ movement and similar forces might look to Bob because he’s in parliament and can be a voice for them. But of course, Bob doesn’t stand for popular struggle. He just seeks to channel it electorally. In our case, we see struggle as paramount and electoral activity as second. Nothing will be decided in elections. Indeed, our perspective is that elections are really something that we can use to intensify the people’s struggle in Queensland against the mining multinationals and other foreign corporations and their visa labour. The One Nation members may make a good on-the-ground cadre for branches to organize these types of struggles; once they see One Nation as a ‘conservative’ vehicle bound to satellitize them permanently, they can and should rebel against the leadership. In freeing themselves of electoralist rubbish, they can become activists in their communities, even leading popular initiatives. That is far more productive than sitting around waiting for the next election.

AFQ: Where will Australia First party (Queensland) be in twelve months?

Jim Saleam: Certainly, we will create a registered party to avail ourselves of all the advantages that come with it. I understand from my dealings with your State committee, that the party, if it can get registered in time, will contest the local government polls in September next year. I say this is a far more useful road than the regular State electoral contest. Why? Because on a proportional system, as operates in many councils – we can win. By winning council seats, we will ensconce ourselves in our communities, our councillors being not just the regular councillor, but permanent paid activists who can direct and encourage popular initiatives and people’s struggles.

I believe that Australia First will grow in Queensland. Patriotic people are increasingly looking for something with depth. We are a party with a defined Australian nationalist ideology. This is based upon the Australianist traditions of our original 19th and early 20th century nationalist, labour and patriotic cultural movements, the people who put forward the very idea of Australian Identity and who made Australia the social laboratory and envy of the world. We have a political theory that identifies how power operates in Australia and how we must win Australian independence to establish a real direct democracy. We are a historical party, not something dreamed up with a platform to contest elections. We will begin the process of attracting younger activists. The future of Australia First is bright and we will be the nationalist party Queenslanders can trust to win on the ground, what they have been waiting for since the defeat of Hansonism.

AFQ: Thank you Jim for your time.

15 September 2011

Wandoan Mega Mine

The following report was received from a concerned Australian:

Nobody I've met in Toowoomba knows about the Wandoan Mega mine -- 32,000 hectares -- the biggest thermal coal mine in the southern hemisphere!

We are literally facing the life or death of ourselves and all future generations if we, the people, don't stop it.

You should be aware -- and deeply concerned -- that these stories are NOT being reported in the Queensland media -- and Regional Councils like Toowoomba are not even telling their residents.

Mining of this magnitude will destroy our great state of Queensland as we know it -- all to save two broken and busted Governments.

In 20 years we will be a slag heap, our waters will be polluted, our Artesian Basin sucked dry -- and we will have nothing left to feed our people.

Please LOCK THE GATE and prepare to stand up and fight -- our farmland and our way of life is worth it.

Virtually the entire Darling Downs is now covered by coal permits of one form or another.

The South Burnett will be next, as well as the Brisbane Valley.

* Ambre Energy has a mining lease application over 2000 ha of Felton Valley, as well as around 70,000 ha under exploration permits all the way from Toowoomba to Warwick.

* Newmont has a mineral development license over 13000 ha south of Felton.

* Acland (New Hope mine) is currently in Stage One which covers 2,2000 ha. By Stage Three -- with the Environmental Impact Study now awaiting rubber-stamp approval -- it will include an additional 5,400 ha, giving the mine a total area of 7,400 ha. New Hope Coal owns all the farmland almost to Oakey showground, and east out to Goombungee.

* Other mining leases in the East Acland area amount to an area around 40 sq km.

* Haystack Plain: 13,000 ha of iconic Darling Downs farmland. Tarong Energy -- which is wholly owned by the Queensland Government -- owns the Mineral Development Licence for the coal deposit under the Haystack Plain. Tarong Energy representatives have stated that they have more than enough coal to service the Tarong Power Station for its entire operating life (25+ years) without using the Haystack coal deposit. They are, however, now reviewing the asset with the intention to sell the Mineral Development Licence to another company. The Haystack coal deposit is export quality coal and is likely to be exported.'

* There are exploration leases or applications for leases over the entire towns of Warwick, Highfields, Meringandan, Gowrie, Kingsthorpe, Pittsworth, Oakey, Gowrie Mountain, Hodgson Vale and Cabarlah.

* There are also applications for bauxite mines near Crows Nest and nearby Geham.

* There are bauxite exploration permits for 7,000sq kms of Qld, focused around Kingaroy and Pittsworth in particular.

* There is a permit granted for a coal mine in the Brisbane Valley only 5 kms upstream from Somerset Dam -- Brisbane's major water catchment area.

* The Qld State Government, the Toowoomba Regional Shire Council and a local developer are currently forcing through the biggest noxious and dangerous toxic industrial estate ever seen in regional Australia on the famous old grain and thoroughbred farm Wellcamp Downs -- only ten minutes from the centre of the city. At 600ha, it is double the size of the heavy industrial area for the entire city of Brisbane. The site -- a famous grain farm -- is an old koala habitat crossed by a creek that flows into the Murray-Darling. When the south-westerly winds blow in winter, noxious fumes will settle on the roofs of Toowoomba -- and straight into rainwater tanks.

* Despite the fact that Toowoomba is a Garden City with an economy based on farming, tourism, education and retirees, there have been no environmental studies on the site or buffering to protect nearby farms. One of Australia's leading Urban Planners has described the proposal as "simply unbelievable -- a blight on the landscape".

* There are now exploration leases or applications for leases over almost every major grain farm, thoroughbred farm and beef farm on the Darling Downs.

07 September 2011

The Joys of Diversity?

"GANGS carrying guns, samurai swords and knives are terrorising doctors and nurses at a suburban hospital."

"Warring Asian, Sudanese, Somali and Pacific islander gangs had taken their battles into the emergency department."

Read the full Herald Sun report here.

The comments on this story show the rising tide of "multicultural awareness" in our community. There is now no doubt that people are waking up to the reality of the multi-ethnic state.

28 August 2011

Australia First (Queensland) will hold a State Conference on the Eureka Stockade Weekend

Australia First Party’s Queensland members and friends will convene in a State Conference over the Eureka Stockade weekend in December (December 3 – 4). The meeting will probably be held in Brisbane.

The party’s National Council considers a State Conference is urgent. As new members are recruited in Queensland towards the immediate goal of registering as a State party, it is necessary to set down a strategy and achievable goals. It is accepted that it is unlikely that the party will be able to submit its registration application prior to the next State election.

Of course, Australia First Party is conceived as far more than merely an ‘electoral party’ – such as the current One Nation. That means that the party seeks to operate outside of the electoral cycle as a community activist organisation, being involved in various people’s movements and through initiating patriotic campaigns of its own. It is in community action, more so than via electoral participation, that a party of the Australian People will be built.

Any reader interested in obtaining membership forms and other information should contact us as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for:
“The National Party In A Pressure Cooker”:
Jim Saleam Interviewed On ‘Katter’s Australian Party’ And ‘One Nation – Queensland’.

28 June 2011

Jim Saleam Chosen As Australia First Party Candidate Against Scott Morrison For ‘Cook’ in 2013

The Australia First Party has nominated Dr. Jim Saleam as its candidate for ‘Cook’ in 2013. The campaign will begin within two weeks.

Scott Morrison is the Liberal Shadow Minister For Immigration and he holds the seat of Cook by a comfortable margin. The Australia First Party campaign will urge voters to preference-vote last against Mr. Morrison, regardless of who may win, to make the strongest point about the Liberals false line on refugees and so called asylum seekers. The aim is to punish Mr. Morrison personally for his deceit on the refugee question. This deceit centres on the Liberal rhetoric that it is somehow ‘hard’ on refugee matters and seeks to ‘stop the boats’.

Australia First Party has maintained consistently that the Liberal line is a pantomime to convince voters that there is a difference between Liberal and Labor on refugees and that the Liberals will ‘stop the boats.’ In truth, if we stop the boats by hiring the planes, the effect is the same. If we turn boats around to ‘process off shore’, the effect is the same. If we ‘process' in Malaysia or in Nauru, the effect is the same. Australia First Party draws no distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ refugees; the hordes are endless and many are engendered by the very wars in which the Australian state has engaged.

In recent weeks and days the refugee question has been paramount in the news and public debate. Most of this discussion is pro refugee, pro ‘asylum seeker’ propaganda. It is our party’s intention to counter that propaganda by building a national people’s campaign against refugee admissions and to expel the so-called refugees. The electoral effort in Cook is part of that campaign.

Dr. Saleam said today:

“The Liberal Party will never repudiate the 1951 United Nations Convention On Refugees anymore than it will end immigration, or defend the Australian national identity. Mr. Morrison has the task of pretending that he is something he is not.”

Australia First Party has observed that many Australians fear that something is happening, that is a real threat to Australia and to their lives and livelihoods. But most ordinary Australians are unable to articulate it amidst the climate of misinformation and propaganda. The party has identified patterns and will campaign on them: the use of refugees to resettle rural Australia; the use of refugees as cheap labour; the use of refugees to culture-bust the Australian identity in guilt trips and the shaming of heritage; the appalling economic privilege granted to refugees; the use of refugees to disguise the other immigration programs that are changing Australia’s demographics.

Dr. Saleam concluded:

“This campaign will not be a regular campaign. It is only partly an exercise in election participation. In truth, I am putting on the agenda the biggest single issue in Australian political history and I will do something unusual when I make a mass question of the book that defines our dispossession: The Camp Of The Saints (1973). Churches, Greens, Trotskyites and capitalists all combine to seek the breaking open of Australia’s borders, the culture busting of Australia’s heritage and our land’s recolonization. For Mr. Morrison, it’s all about the cheap labour the refugee hordes will provide. I am going to be engaged in educating a section of the public as to what the refugee / asylum-seeker threat is about. Our party has campaigned in the Adelaide Hills and other places against the scourge of refugee migration. I am proud to raise the slogan: ‘Expel The Refugees’.”

For further enquiries:

26 June 2011

How You Can Help

Australia First frankly needs all the help it can get. The path of Australian nationalism has up to now been a stony one and at times a lonely one. Those of us who have been here for a while would welcome fresh activists.

We must, however, ask those who seek to join us to prove their genuineness. There is nothing more common than the infiltrator, the brave young Communist or race-mixer who wants to join a party like Australia First in order to “expose” it.

Leftists really do believe that we are evil and that it is right to disrupt our meetings, disrupt our communications, publish any private remarks we might make that can be portrayed as unkind, ungracious, cruel, cynical, or dishonest. Even Eric Butler of the League of Rights, a hidebound old conservative if ever there was one, was regularly portrayed as a monster of iniquity by the columnist Philip Adams and others.

And ordinary people believe this. It is a human weakness to shy away from the pariah.

It is also a weakness of unpopular people to act as they are expected to act. We have to be constantly on our guard against behaving as our weak compatriots and our philosophical enemies would expect us to act. Obviously we cannot turn ourselves into plaster saints, without human feelings, without the ability to relax. But even when relaxed we must in some sense be on guard, as a soldier in a lonely base must be always on guard.

So we welcome fresh activists, but they have to prove themselves over time. If you want to help, contact a web address, telephone a number, or write to a Party office. You may be invited to a meeting. You will certainly be asked to send money if you can. You will almost certainly be invited to meet someone and begin the process of finding out whether and how you can help the organisation. But don’t expect to meet everyone straight away, and don't come to us looking for thrilling, illegal escapades. If you persist you will almost certainly find friends among your fellow activists, but you won’t find cheap excitement. That is for the other side.

22 June 2011

‘Go Back Where You Came From’: SBS Propaganda: Is It Also A Hoax – And An Opportunity? (Bill Rezac)

SBS screens this week a three part series ‘Go Back Where You Came From’, a documentary which shows a group of Australians being confronted (sic) with the living conditions of so-called ‘refugees’ in the camps of Asia and Africa and with their difficult journeys (sic) to come to Australia.

The program is pure propaganda.

Originally, Australia First members Jim Saleam and Perry Jewell, were also approached to participate. As could reasonably be expected, the tentative invitations to these nationalists were not pursued. At all points, the true purpose of the producers was to choose persons who were likely to be ‘remoulded’ by a type of hands-on live-drama re-education.

So it was.

At no time does this program really explain that refugees (sic) are often people who have declined to take up arms against their alleged oppressors, that the conditions they may find themselves in are in one sense of their own making, what economic refugees may be as opposed to political dissenters, that many consider permanent flight of better value than a fighting return, that many have social practices repugnant to Australian society, that many of these people may also hate and be envious of those who possess wealth and territory – and that overpopulation and New World Order wars and other ethnic based strife are the chief underlying causes of many outpourings from the Third World.

We are witness then to an attempt to brainwash Australians to accept that they are guilty people if they lack compassion.

In fact, for most Australians other than the liberal minded, there is a feeling that this brainwash should be resisted but they don’t know how.

The Case Of Raye Colbey

The star of the show, Raye Colbey, is described as a lady from Inverbrackie in South Australia where a refugee detention centre has been founded. Mrs. Colbey goes on the SBS organized jaunt overseas and learns about her ‘hate’, learns of compassion and so forth.

Reports passed to Australia First in South Australia, suggest that Mrs. Colbey has family members involved in support campaigns for so-called refugees.

Mrs Colbey has been a victim, if she really is a victim, of psychological manipulation. We note how quickly the usual media suspects have been to publish a public recant from her of her ‘former’, racist (sic) views.

Schools Will Get The SBS Doco  But ‘The Camp Of The Saints’ Will Be There In Reply

A report was given to Australia First in New South Wales that the program will be shown on DVD to high school students as part of a propaganda offensive to soften students’ attitudes to the refugee invasion. This offers an opportunity for the new Eureka Youth League and Australia First Party to fight back.

Both organisations will surely seek to make mass awareness of the antidote: The Camp Of The Saints, the 1972 novel which explained the psychosis the dominant groups of our Western societies faced with a refugee invasion of European lands – a work composed before there were any mass refugee outpourings from the Third World. This revolutionary novel posited that overpopulation and poverty, war and envy, would propel masses towards the vision of a better life. It then pilloried the false-moralities that would justify to certain Westerners the very destruction of their own societies.

 For the curious:

This book should be studied by all Australians who need a counter-morality to the SBS type propaganda about to invade our screens.

Intensify The Struggle: ‘Expel The Refugees’

Australians need to act against the army of churchmen, Greens, Trotskyites, lawyer-advocates and others who play morality games over the refugee invasion and who mobilize daily to beat down Australians.

The morality is on the side of the Australian people, who under the challenge of mass immigration and now refugee invasion, have opted to resist.

Our party will repudiate the United Nations Convention On Refugees (1951). Ultimately, we will expel the refugees! But we make this very, very, dark promise: the traitors who have decided to give away our birthright will pay for the assisted return, if necessary of hundreds of thousands of persons to countries of origin – by the public seizure of their assets.

It has come to this.

Warn your friends and children against the latest SBS propaganda.

13 June 2011

A Nationalist Commentary: Bob Katter’s New Party – And His LNP Critic

Bob Katter has founded a new party – the Australian Party. He intends to stand up against the decline of Australian agriculture and manufacturing via policies imposed on our country by the globalist mythology of ‘free trade’. He is labouring hard to acquire both a Federal registration and a Queensland State basis for this party. That is to the good in that it will promote public discussion around urgent issues. Yet, it also has other aspects which we must address because they impact upon the Australian nationalist politics of Australia First Party.

Australia First Party notes that Bob Katter was once part of the Liberal-National coalition until he seceded almost a decade ago. In many ways, Bob yearns for the ideology and politics of the former Country Party which did, in the days up to 1971, stand for the protection of Australian industry and agriculture. That was, after all, actual Australian state policy until this protectionist  position was overturned by the two party blocs and their paymasters after that time. Since then, globalisation and free trade have been the holy writ from above. Essentially, Bob has a sound notion, one which puts the Australian interest on manufacturing and agriculture ahead of the global economy, but he has wedded it to the forms and sentiments of yesterday; his position is one that does not of itself seek an independent Australian economic system – and it must come to that. The Katter solution is to ‘balance’ the competing interests, whereas the enemy globaliser recognizes no such other interest at all. This misconception shows up in the politics of the new party. Bob is nostalgic for an electoral solution to the imposed-compulsion of globalisation, one armed with a brand-product long on sentimentality, but short on fire in the belly. A new Country Party, whatever it calls itself, goes nowhere, because it would not build a national resistance movement to globalisation, a people’s movment for challenge and change.

It is noted that the Australian Party does not style itself a nationalist party, nor has it offered any real view of Australian population policy, immigration or the refugee invasion. That may be deliberate.

How should nationalists treat the Katter party? WE take stock of relevant facts. It is an electoral organisation and it will compete (in part) for some of the ground Australia First Party will cover. Of course, our party strives to be far more than an electoral structure, but it must still compete in the market place at election time. The Australian Party is not styled as a new version of One Nation (as Bob has put it) and it will serve by default to block the attempt by a new One Nation leadership to revive the party in parts of rural Queensland. Surely it will also familiarise a political market with economic nationalist ideas, train them if you like – for the future, when they can pass into the movement of nationalism.

Australia First Party in Queensland has its own job to do and we will not be sidetracked from it. We must cast a long eye on the Australian Party as it mobilises in the bush for we note it is symptomatic of a slow burning revolt, at first conceived in parliamentarist forms, but one destined to deepen as the multinationals grab at Aussie farms and water and try to establish our State as just another mining quarry.

There is a finale to this story. Bob Katter’s action received some unfriendly sarcastic dismissal-type criticism from a certain Mick Pattel, Liberal National Party (LNP) candidate for the State seat of Mt. Isa. It was very telling. In 2008, during the lead-up to the National Transport Shutdown in July 2008, Mr. Pattel appeared at a meeting in Toowoomba, representing his own transport action association and all armed with a call for “action”. On the platform he appeared with two members of the National Party who were trenchantly criticised by a member of Australia First Party for trying to get on the bandwagon of truckies’ fury against over-regulation, contract labour and fuel prices; our member said the Nationals were planning to betray them and he said these words just as Mr. Peter Schuback of the Australian Long Distance Owners’ And Drivers’ Association and later 2010 Candidate for our party for the Senate – was thrown out into the street.  Mr. Pattel swore he was there for the truckies and had his own independent agenda; after all, he handed out membership forms for his (abortive) Southern Cross Party. It was all crap. Mr. Pattel and his association and his ‘party’, were all put ups for the Nationals, part of what nationalists called the “satellite structures” put in place around the Liberal National parties to sidetrack people and protect the system from attack. If such a man should criticise Bob Katter, then it says a good point for him.

Of course, a good point does not mean that Australia First Party will be lining up with Bob. We have made it clear we will not. It just means that Australia First Party will maintain its independence and initiative to develop the bush fight-back against globalisation. We hope Bob Katter will contribute to that.

31 May 2011

Judicial Reform: Part 2

(See also: Judicial Reform Part One)

Under the terms of the Australian Constitution there are two Houses of Parliament: the House of Representatives and the Senate. Members of both houses are elected by popular vote. Examination of the Constitution reveals that there is a “third house” in our Parliament, the Judiciary. Positions in this house are appointed (for life) and are not the result of popular elections. We have by definition two houses which are “democratic” in nature and one which operates as an old-fashioned autocracy. The judiciary answers to no one and it is “self regulated”, except under section 72 of the Constitution, where a joint house sitting can dismiss federal judges.

In a measure to protect the independence of elements of Australian Government, the doctrine of the “Separation of Powers” has been adopted in Australia (although not clearly spelt out in the Constitution). There is still debate about what the separation of powers means but in general terms it can be described as those who make the laws don’t interpret them, those who interpret them don’t enforce them. There will be those who disagree with this simple description but it will serve for the purpose here.

There is general agreement on the need for an independent judiciary. Political pressure perhaps should not be focused on the judiciary, especially during the conduct of a current active case before the courts. Rarely in the history of Western Nations have courts been the subject of obvious interference by other sections, the media or the public. They are usually left to their processes without interference.

If we examine the judiciary as a house of parliament and not a system of courts, we can see that they are set up by the government and maintained by the taxpayer, in the built environment and the salaries etc for court personnel, not unlike other arms of government. But the judiciary (and let’s include solicitors here as they are ”admitted to the courts” by a formal process and under various Acts of Parliament they have exclusive and protected domain to practice law and give legal advice; they are part of the judiciary in the same way as police officers are part of government), has an exclusive nature to its make-up. An individual has to have legal qualifications and experience to even be considered to an appointment to the bench. Likewise, solicitors are part of an elite in western society. They are qualified in some way in study of law and they are seen to be a “profession”.

If we consider the separation of powers and the need to recognise the independence of each element of government we can clearly identify that the judiciary is a fortress in relation to how it operates as compared to the House of Representatives and the Senate, where anyone with a nomination fee and good community support and a bit of luck can theoretically enter those houses. Not just anyone can enter the judiciary though only suitably qualified individuals can be allowed.

We now consider the make-up of individuals who occupy the “peoples houses”, the Senate and the House of Representatives. A large number of these individuals are qualified lawyers. Ordinary people can not enter the judiciary, but elements of the judiciary can come and go in the other houses as they please. In fact, given the large numbers of lawyers in the federal government it could be seen by reasonable individuals as being actively encouraged. Gone are the days of warfies, railway engine drivers and shearers occupying seats in the peoples’ houses.

Lets have a look at the current Federal Government in terms of lawyers:

Labor (33)

Julia Gillard 1
Senator Penny Wong 2
Andrew Leigh 3
Bill Shorten 4
Senator Joe Ludwig 5
Peter Garrett 6
Brendan O’Connor 7
Craig Thomson 8
David Bradbury 9
Daryl Melham 10
Janelle Saffin 11
Senator Michael Forshaw 12
Graham Perrett 13
Kelvin Thomson 14
Kirsten Livermore 15
Laura Smyth 16
Mark Butler 17
Mark Dreyfus 18
Melissa Parke 19
Michelle Rowland 20
Mike Kelly 21
Nicola Roxon 22
Richard Marles 23
Senator Mark Bishop 24
Robert McClelland 25
Shayne Neumann 26
Stephen Jones 27
Stephen Smith 28
Tony Burke 29
Yvette D'Ath 30
Simon Crean 31
Jason Clare 32
Senator Don Farrell 33

Liberal (34)

Tony Abbott 1
Joe Hockey 2
Malcolm Turnbull 3
Phillip Ruddock 4
Julie Bishop 5
Bronwyn Bishop 6
Senator Brett Mason 7
Christopher Pyne 8
Greg Hunt 9
Senator Helen Coonan 10
Kevin Andrews 11
Senator Nick Minchin 12
Steven Ciobo 13
Senator David Johnston 14
Peter Dutton 15
Senator George Brandis 16
Senator Gary Humphries 17
Peter Slipper 18
Senator Eric Abetz 19
Alan Tudge 20
Senator Guy Barnett 21
Senator David Bushby 22
Josh Frydenberg 23
Senator Mary Fisher 24
Senator Mathias Cormann 25
Kelly O’Dywer 26
Senator Michael Ronaldson 27
Paul Fletcher 28
Senator Russell Trood 29
Senator Ian McDonald 30
Senator Marise Payne 31
Sophie Mirabella 32
Senator Michaelia Cash 33
Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells 34

Independents (2)

Robert Oakeshott 1
Senator Nick Xenophon 2

Greens (1)

Adam Brandt 1

(Past Lawyer Politicians include to name but a few : John Howard, Peter Costello, Peter Reith, Bob Hawke, Robert Menzies, Gough Whitlam, Billy Snedden, Billy McMahon, Harold Holt, Neville Wran, Lindsay Tanner…there are a whole lot more)

This comes to a grand total of 70. Can we imagine 70 ordinary individuals occupying positions as judges in that other house? The movement of lawyers in and out of the peoples’ houses can be seen as a breach of the separation of powers which should be addressed. Their presence in the numbers that they have is an over-representation of one type in our government, still the major political parties encourage this.


Addendum: The Queensland Parliament:

Labor (12)

Andrew Fraser 1
Cameron Dick 2
Dean Wells 3
Evan Moorhead 4
Geoffrey Wilson 5
Kerry Shine 6
Mark Ryan 7
Murray Watt 8
Paul Hoolihan 9
Paul Lucas 10
Peter Lawlor 11
Stephen Wettenhall 12

Liberal-National (3)

Jarrod Bleijie 1
Mark McArdle 2
Timothy Nicholls 3

Independent (1)

Peter Wellington 1

Judicial Reform Part 3 is on the way.