31 July 2010

Winter Sleep-out Today in Brisbane

Anyone and everyone interested in turning up to show their concern for the terrible number of homeless Aussies, please call 0410 309 613 by sunset today (1st August).  Under the banner of the Mission Australia Winter Sleep-out (www.wintersleepout.com.au) we will be doing our bit for charity and public awareness of this problem.
We'll be doing it out the front of Virginia Palms Hotel in Boondall (crner Zillmere and Sandgate Rds) from this afternoon.  Virginia Palms Hotel currently houses 80 illegal immigrants at tax-payers' expense.  There are several genuine homeless people we are picking up to join us (and we will feed them and record their stories in order to discover how best to help them, and to learn how to avoid more Aussies ending up hungry and homeless).
Bring your sleeping bag and some warm clothes and whatever banners and placards you deem appropriate - peak hour traffic on Monday morning will be shown a problem that has been too well hidden by currently-elected politicians....

27 July 2010

Ex-truckie in Senate bid


FORMER Rockhampton truck driver Peter Schuback has launched a bid for a seat in the Senate.

Once described by Rockhampton MP Robert Schwarten as the most dangerous person he'd ever met, the outspoken and workaholic campaigner has been selected to contest the election by the Australia First party.

And he hopes his strong links to Central Queensland will make it a welcome source of votes as he aims to shake up the “colourless national political scene”.

Schuback dismisses 95% of politicians as faceless and devoid of ideas. (ed note this is what makes him dangerous)

When he lived in Rockhampton he earned a reputation as a rabble-rouser and claims to have started the campaign to get asbestos out of schools after discovering quantities of it at Bouldercombe State School.

He left the city six years ago for Hervey Bay, complaining that he had to move because there were no facilities for his profoundly deaf son in Central Queensland.

But he keeps in touch with an army of truckies in the region and says he visits his old stomping ground at least once a month.

He said yesterday he joined Australia First because none of the other parties stood up for the Australian people.

The party is against immigration, multiculturalism and foreign ownership of businesses and corporations. It also promotes policies to strengthen and protect the traditional family and aims to rebuild Australia's manufacturing industries.

“Australia is a very dry country. We can't afford to have a bigger population without the infrastructure to cater for them,” he said yesterday.

“Neither main party will end immigration, just tamper with numbers.

“We want refugee financial privileges ended and we want these people resettled. This is an invasion of our country, an attack on our identity and our independence as a people.

“This is our country and we wish to reclaim it.

“Multiculturalism doesn't work. People are coming to this country with no intention to assimilate and become Australian. They set up their own ghettos and tell us to change our laws to suit them. That's wrong, but the other parties are unwilling to acknowledge that it's wrong.”

He said Robert Schwarten labelled him dangerous because “I don't lay down real easy. I just keep gnawing at the bone and I'm not afraid of anyone or anything”.

Schuback vows that if he's elected to the Senate he will demand inquiries into the matters that divide the nation.

“I want a fair go for pensioners and the homeless and more spent on mental health issues,” he said.

“I want one set of driving laws for the whole of Australia and one criminal code.”

Peter Schuback

Peter Schuback (running for Senate in QLD) is the owner operator of Mineral and Mine Movers Transport and has been in business since 1988. His major contracts have included many of Australia’s leading bridge builders and construction companies. Peter started a campaign to have asbestos removed from all schools after finding asbestos in water that was being caught in rain water tanks for students to drink at Bouldacome School; he also fights for the rights of truckies and small business people. He is trying to change the tax system to a fairer, easier system (Transaction tax).
Peter has started campaigns to have toxic waste dumps cleaned up in Gracemere; to get old refugee boats removed from the Fitzroy River; to inform people of the dangers of Q fever and associated diseases; and he successfully gained funds to get the Gracemere to Mt Morgan road improved and sealed.
He has challenged a number of organisations in regards to where money went that was for regional development and job creating, and put government on notice under duty of care in regards to bad roads. He fights to stop the water bill in Queensland, and put out ‘price watch’ for farmers and consumers so the consumers could see how much the major retailers are ripping us off. He designed and distributed around 300,000 requests for a review of infringement notice forms so people can fight unfair traffic fines, he designed and distributed a ‘stat dec’ for truckies and caravaners to stop harassment and to help in fatigue management… he started, along with Mick Patel and Bunny Brown, the last truck drivers stop work and fought for fair rates for owner-drivers and fair pay for truck drivers. He continues to fight Electricity companies over increases in charges and to expose the rip offs in petrol pricing. He has fought for, and obtained, the permission for a person to be buried on their own acreage property at Kingaroy.
Peter is married with seven children. His eldest son is in the Navy, eldest daughter has nine foster children, second eldest daughter is a carer, second eldest son is a train driver, and his three other children are still at school.
0408 458 232 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0408 458 232      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0408 458 232      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 0427 971 883

Nick Maine

Nick Maine (running for Senate in QLD) was a member of the Liberal party from mid 1955 to the mid ‘60s, during which time he rose to the position of a State Delegate in NSW and then to Chairman of a Subcommittee of the Defence Advisory Committee.
Nick realised the problems arising with the import of inassimilable racial aliens and the consequences for the future security of Australia, and gave advice on this to the Defence Advisory Committee of the Liberal Party in 1977. He was opposed by the committee who stated that his advice would lose them ‘ethnic votes’. He resigned in disgust, but has been active in the political field ever since in opposition to ever-increasing corruption that has become rife in the main political parties.
Nick spent six years of his life serving Australia during World War 2 and was probably the only person to have voluntarily forfeited his repatriation home to remain in the front line for a further year, this time in New Guinea.
At his age he is incorruptible and if elected will continue to expose, within parliament, corrupt persons and practices of past and present politicians who have played their part in destroying the well-being of our enviable Australian lifestyle.
Nick has authored two books: “Goodbye Oz Culture” and “Hey! Wait for me” and is a Justice of the Peace.
0422 199 173

25 July 2010

Press Release : The Australia First Campaign for The Senate in Queensland

July 25 2010

Australia First Party has nominated Peter Schuback of Hervey Bay and Nick Maine from Mermaid Waters as its candidates for the Senate from Queensland.

Peter Schuback is well-known as a community activist and advocate. As Queensland coordinator of the Australian Long Distance Owners’ And Drivers’ Association, he is a commentator about - and committed advocate for – the trucking industry in this State.  He started the push to have asbestos removed from schools and has lobbied extensively to have toxic waste dumps cleaned up.

Peter Schuback has been fighting long and hard for ‘fair rates for truckies’ as well as fighting the system over unfair fines issued to truckies.

Nick Maine has had a long commitment to reversing the immigration and multicultural madness and has supported many community and political groups over a long career to defend the interests and identity of Australians in their own land.

Peter said recently: “Australia First is the only party that understands the needs of Australians” and that he is “in favour of Australia First’s core policies.”

“For far too long Australia and the Australian people have been sold down the drain by the mainstream parties. As lead candidate I will be travelling widely in Queensland to promote the party. This campaign is the backdrop to the application to register a party in this State in 2011.”

The Australia First Party Senate team will be working in the community in Queensland to promote the core policies of the party.

1 Ensure Australia Retains Full Independence

Protect our sovereignty (national, constitutional and personal) and maintain an adequate defence, whilst being reasonable and fair in our nation's international dealings.

2 Rebuild Australian Manufacturing Industries

This is the only way we can be self sufficient. It will provide jobs for our children, and help buy back the farm and allow Australia to be free of foreign debts. Our infrastructure has been run down over many years - it must be rebuilt. We must improve the practicality and relevance of our educational systems, and target government support for industry to diversify, innovate, perform and expand. We recognize that small business is fundamental to this policy. A satisfactory financial environment is also urgent and essential.

3 Control Foreign Ownership

Bring foreign ownership and investment back under control.

4 Reduce and Limit Immigration

Immigration mistakes can be big long term mistakes. Immigration policy must take into account social cohesion, employment opportunities, urbanisation and environmental issues

5 Abolish Multiculturalism

End the divisive, government funded and institutionalised policy of multiculturalism.

6 Introduce Citizen's Initiated Referenda

Amend the Australian Constitution such that the people can initiate a constitutional referendum which, if approved by the Australian people, will amend the Australian Constitution. This simple step will confirm the political authority of voters and make legislators aware that they are the servants of the Australian People, not their masters. The people directly should also possess the sovereign right and the power to initiate other legislation

7. Strengthen the family

Promote policies that strengthen and protect the traditional family.

8 Strive to Rebuild A United Australia

Promote policies that recognise the interdependence of city and country.

9 Democratise Other Policy Issues

Peter Schuback and Nick Maine said jointly: “Asian Corporate raiders have brought up a massive $ US 55 billion ($ 62.7 billion) worth of assets in Australia in the last five years (Sunday Mail 11 July);  this has to stop or our children will not be able to afford to buy a house in their own country or secure meaningful employment.”

In this election, the immigration and population and refugee questions have stepped forward as crucial. The Schuback-Maine team said: “neither major party will end immigration, just tamper with numbers; neither major party proposes to do anything, other than process ‘refugees’ in an orderly way; neither major party will put a ceiling figure on population. More damnably, neither major party understands that immigration will kill off the Australian national identity in a Third World resettlement linked to the Asian economies. As for the Greens – we see only the blind commitment to allow in whom-so-ever can arrive here.”

The Australia First Party is committed to the principle that no more people should be brought into Australia. Immigration no longer serves the Australian interest.

Peter Schuback and Nick Maine added:

Australia, as a country, cannot afford to bring any more people here. We do not have the infrastructure to be able to handle any more people and Australia is the driest continent on earth. Funny how even the Greens forget about this. Australia does not have the water to sustain a growing population.”

Australia First Party deplores the communal violence and social breakdown which is derived of immigration and multiculturalism.

Peter Schuback and Nick Maine said:

“It does not work when people from other countries come to Australia and set up little ghettos and make no effort to assimilate. It is said by many Australians that if you want to live in Australia you live by our laws, our religion, speak our language and respect our people. you also send your kids to our schools and become real Australians as the people that came before you did. However, it is also true that for many alien groups this process is plain impossible. It cannot be expected because they are not drawn from traditional sources. Australia First Party is the only party with the courage to say what others refuse to. If Australia had an immigration policy, we can just as easily have a policy to ensure that those who cannot or will not assimilate to Australia, be asked over time to resettle elsewhere.”

Peter Schuback and Nick Maine concluded of the present refugee invasion:

“All people who arrive in our country illegally should be sent back to the country from where they departed. Nor are we interested in seeing orderly processing of arrivals. All visa over-stayers must be sent back to their country of origin. We demand an end with the United Nations treaties on refugees. We want refugee financial privileges ended and we want these people resettled. This in an invasion of our country, an attack on our identity and our independence as a people. This is our country and we wish to reclaim it.”

Australia First Party has received great encouragement from many Queenslanders. We are in their service.

Please direct all enquiries to Peter Schuback
0408 458 232
0427 971 883

24 July 2010

Australia First QLD members threatened by Labor Party Supporters.

Threats have been received today via the comments section on an article concerning Julia Gillard and the Labor Party handling of Illegal immigration. In an attempt to silence any criticism of the Labor leader and Prime Minister, Julia Gillards Marxist comrades have come to the rescue.

This is a prime example of the hypocrisy of the Left/Labor party radical. We can only hope that free speech and free thought will survive in this country. Australia First is here to stay. We will not waver from the responsibility of working for a better country and sustainable future.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Julia Gillard and the Lab/Lib Immigration Debate.":

"Immigrants are better than scum like you. Come march in Brisbane you fascist c***s. Watch us remove you from our streets like racist scum you are"

81 Boats and counting.

800 invaders on 12 boats on the way -

Brace for more refugees (invaders), sailors told


Australia's sailors patrolling the northern borders have been warned to brace for a surge of boats carrying up to
800 asylum seekers (invaders).

News Limited newspapers say reservists are being called up to ease the pressure on the overworked sailors.

Intelligence reports show up to 12 vessels, carrying possibly up to 800 people (invaders), are on the way from Indonesia
, the newspapers say.

"The warning comes as morale among patrol boat crews dives, with many sailors now voicing support for the opposition policy of turning boats around and reinstating temporary protection visas," News Limited reports.

The total now for July is 8 boats carrying 425 invaders and 22 reported smugglers. The tally so far for 2010 on the 21st of July (the 202nd day of 2010) is 81 boats carrying 3,857 invaders and 202 reported smugglers.

22 July 2010

Julia Gillard and the Lab/Lib Immigration Debate.

Don't think for a minute that any Party presently representing the Australian Population is really concerned with illegal and legal Non White immigration. These same Politicians have stood by for over 30 years and done nothing. They spend more time and energy trying to hide the savage realities of Multiculturalism than they do caring for our own.

Consider this reality. Once again you are paying for it.

The total now for July is 8 boats carrying 425 invaders and 22 reported smugglers. The tally so far for 2010 on the 21st of July (the 202nd day of 2010) is 81 boats carrying 3,857 invaders and 202 reported smugglers.

21 July 2010

QLD Bank Account

AFP (QLD) now has its own, separate bank account. If you would like to make a donation to assist the registration and promotion of the two Senate and one House of Representatives candidates we currently have confirmed for QLD please transfer/deposit into:
Account name: Australia First Party(QLD BRANCH)
Westpac Bank
BSB 034 660
A/c number 281704
Details regarding candidates will be posted up here shortly....we're busy...we're motivated....we're working tirelessly for our future in our free time around our work and family commitments....please help where you can!

Eleven Points For Action In The Federal Election

Australia First Party stands in this election with a programme for action and change for our country.

Any Australia First representative elected in the upcoming Federal election, is pledged to advocate these policies. The party is pledged to motivate the community generally to support these demands.

1. We demand that YOU the people should be represented in the parliaments and not be the victims of cynical, corrupt, and foreign-loyal party machines.
2. We demand the Implementation of Citizens’ Initiated Referendum and Voters’ Recall of parliamentarians, so you the people can propose the laws and get rid of unresponsive parliamentarians.
3. We demand accountability for all politicians: for all those who have failed and corrupted Australia, sold the country to foreign states and agencies, or devoted themselves to globalisation; we pledge to nationalize their personal property and deny them parliamentary pensions and benefits.
4. We demand the promotion and rebuilding of Australian manufacturing and thence - Australian jobs for Australian workers.
5. We demand the re-instatement of the Commonwealth Bank as originally intended to limit interest rates and to eliminate the private control of the nation’s credit.
6. We demand the control of currency exchange rates to end speculation in the national currency and resources.
7. We demand the reform of taxation, its simplification to end the exemptions for the speculators, the multinationals and the super-rich.
8. We demand an end to foreign ownership and control of Australian real estate and Australian resources.
9. We demand: the end of all immigration for a long period, a population policy for Australia ; the repudiation of all treaties on refugees ; the end of contract labour ; the end of residency for foreign students; the end of multiculturalism; the humane deportation of the refugees and other undesirable persons.
10. We demand that the Australian transport industry be freed of bureaucratic control with the end of world-parity-pricing for fuel and with public ownership of all roads and abolition of tolls.
11. We demand protection for Australian farmers by the provision of a guaranteed national market and pricing system, such that all food necessary to sustain the Australian People may be grown in Australia and regional Australia be maintained.

19 July 2010


What should be the aim of our education system?
This document is relevant reading... http://www.accelerationinstitute.org/nation_deceived/ND_v1.pdf
I'd love to hear your comments....

05 July 2010

AFP QLD Meeting!

It is with great pleasure that I can now advise that a meeting will be held at midday on Saturday 10th July at the CWA Hall, Crnr Garden & Young St SOUTHPORT, QLD.

The meeting will serve a variety of functions – to formalise State arrangements, decide on electoral activity and to plan community activities upon a strategy.

This is an exciting opportunity for all to get in early and be involved in developing activities and strategy for AFP....all welcome!

We look forward to seeing you there!

02 July 2010

Health: the state of being well and free from illness!

We currently have an ‘Illness’ System we wrongly call the Health Care System.

Our taxes largely fund this system and yet it is highly over-burdened, inefficient and not really about ‘health’ at all. It is focused on ‘managing’ illness – mopping up the mess, after the fact.

As an Allied Health Care Professional who has worked in this system for the last two decades I can attest to the real determinants of Health based on extensive experience assisting a multitude of patients to find their way back to a fulfilling life.
VERY rarely do I see anyone whose health issues are not related to lifestyle and even more rarely are these lifestyle factors genuinely within the person’s total control.

Statistics bear out the claim that the majority of the cases tying up the health dollars are Chronic Diseases which could easily be prevented by changes to diet, physical activity levels, avoiding exposure to toxins and preventing stresses from a poor work:life balance.
The Health Promotion Departments in Government keep churning out piles of glossy brochures, posters and fancy TV and newspaper ads advising us of the ‘right way to live’ and yet no-one seems capable of stopping to ponder the reasons why the majority of people don’t/can’t adopt healthy lifestyles.

As the drug companies ever-expand their market-places with the average GP apparently incapable or unwilling to see through the propaganda that masquerades as ‘research’, we, the citizens of this proud Nation are subjected to a fait accompli that we WILL one day be ill and require surgical or drug therapy. This is an outright lie and need not be the case.

In a Nation that placed the health and welfare of its citizens as the priority (for without your health what DO you have) we would rapidly see the alleviation of many social and economic issues, with a cascade of flow-on positive outcomes.

Currently the Federal Government funds a small number of visits to an Allied Health Professional who can give a person Preventive/Lifestyle Advice (dietitians, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists), but only AFTER the person has been diagnosed by their GP to be suffering a Chronic Condition. This is still ‘after the fact’ and leaves the Allied Health Professional largely in the role of ‘managing’ the disease in someone whose body has already likely crossed a threshold of no return. We need to intervene MUCH earlier to avoid the years of morbidity we’re currently experiencing.

What is needed is a gradually introduced Health System that rewards positive lifestyle choices (possibly via reduced Health Insurance fees or priorities for care), but this System must be gradually introduced so as not to disadvantage those people who are already victims of the ‘old ways’ and it must include requirements for all policy (Government and Corporate) to filter through a rigorous Health Impact Assessment to determine effect on the relevant determinants of a person’s ability to implement positive lifestyle choices.

For example, you couldn’t punish a person for not being able to maintain a healthy weight (by charging them higher Health Insurance Premiums) if you simultaneously have a system that requires a person commit 90% of their waking life to commuting and working just to pay off their mortgage (especially if their work location does not provide ample opportunity for physical activity and tasty, healthy food choices).

An intensive analysis of all existing legislation, to determine its health impact is urgently needed.

What are some possible examples of these determinants of health?

Clean, safe air and water; a secure social environment; safe, healthy, natural food that is not contaminated with things like methyl bromide (this is a pesticide treatment AQIS does on all imported food and it has been clearly associated with neural disorders like Motor Neuron Disease); opportunity for safe, enjoyable physical activity (this includes active transport like cycling and walking to be made a real and safe possibility); getting serious on the drug problem (we have an epidemic of mental illness and suicide in our youth); a criminal justice system that focuses on rehabilitation (especially for youth); taking control of the corporate culture that currently requires excessive work hours, unhealthy and destructive competitiveness where there could, instead, be cooperative collaboration and a focus on a mutual goal of improvement for all and a requirement that corporations exist in the public interest (incidentally the QLD debate about daylight savings would be resolved by requiring employers to allow flexible work hours, remote log-ins and to retain a larger work-force with each person working less total hours (tax incentives would be an early way to encourage this change)); restoring a sense of involvement in our political system via Citizen-Initiated Referenda; restoring a sense of security in our money system by placing control of our Reserve Bank in the hands of the people in a transparent system……..I think you get the idea…..your suggestions and debate are welcome………

Jane E Kugelman B.Sc., Post-Grad. Dip. (Health Promotion) AEP