29 September 2011

Rip-off on fuel prices

Are the people of Australia stupid or just plain lazy?

We are being told that we are paying more for our petrol and oil-based products because of the very slight decline in the value of the Australian Dollar. If you bother to do the research on oil prices and the value of the Australian Dollar, you will determine that you are being screwed by both the oil companies and the Australian Federal government. The oil companies are ripping us all off with the sanction of the government. Yes, there was an investigation by the ACCC but the parameters were set so the ACCC could not come back with any other result than the one they came back with. The government is allowing us to be screwed so they can get more tax out of every item that is oil-based. Every dollar more we pay for our oil-based products is an extra 10 cents the government gets in GST. Go do a bit of research and look back to 1966 when we first went decimal. Look at the price of a barrel of oil against the value of the Australian dollar against the value of the US Dollar and the cost of a litre of petrol every year since that time and you will see that you are being screwed. If a barrel of oil is selling for US $89 and the Australia Dollar is valued at 90 cents against the US Dollar you should be paying no more than 89 cents per litre at the bowsers. Do the research yourself and find out just how much you are being ripped off for. The price of a litre of petrol determines how much you pay for nearly every item you buy every day, so the flow-on factor to the government in extra GST is huge. The extra cost for transport alone is phenomenal and that is without the extra cost for the raw materials, production, distribution, manufacturing and all the other costs that have been added because the price at the bowsers is being held artificially high. Write to your local state and federal members of parliament and demand a royal commission into petrol prices.

Peter Schuback

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  1. Australia is one large RIP OFF, i live here. I see how stupidly the people just accept it... ACCC are part of the rip off process. so no use complaining to them cause their paid not to listen. Fuel has got up here by 20c per litre in the last 2 months and gov and ACCC has done nothing, while cruel oil has only by $2.00 per barrel in the last 3 months