28 June 2011

Jim Saleam Chosen As Australia First Party Candidate Against Scott Morrison For ‘Cook’ in 2013

The Australia First Party has nominated Dr. Jim Saleam as its candidate for ‘Cook’ in 2013. The campaign will begin within two weeks.

Scott Morrison is the Liberal Shadow Minister For Immigration and he holds the seat of Cook by a comfortable margin. The Australia First Party campaign will urge voters to preference-vote last against Mr. Morrison, regardless of who may win, to make the strongest point about the Liberals false line on refugees and so called asylum seekers. The aim is to punish Mr. Morrison personally for his deceit on the refugee question. This deceit centres on the Liberal rhetoric that it is somehow ‘hard’ on refugee matters and seeks to ‘stop the boats’.

Australia First Party has maintained consistently that the Liberal line is a pantomime to convince voters that there is a difference between Liberal and Labor on refugees and that the Liberals will ‘stop the boats.’ In truth, if we stop the boats by hiring the planes, the effect is the same. If we turn boats around to ‘process off shore’, the effect is the same. If we ‘process' in Malaysia or in Nauru, the effect is the same. Australia First Party draws no distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ refugees; the hordes are endless and many are engendered by the very wars in which the Australian state has engaged.

In recent weeks and days the refugee question has been paramount in the news and public debate. Most of this discussion is pro refugee, pro ‘asylum seeker’ propaganda. It is our party’s intention to counter that propaganda by building a national people’s campaign against refugee admissions and to expel the so-called refugees. The electoral effort in Cook is part of that campaign.

Dr. Saleam said today:

“The Liberal Party will never repudiate the 1951 United Nations Convention On Refugees anymore than it will end immigration, or defend the Australian national identity. Mr. Morrison has the task of pretending that he is something he is not.”

Australia First Party has observed that many Australians fear that something is happening, that is a real threat to Australia and to their lives and livelihoods. But most ordinary Australians are unable to articulate it amidst the climate of misinformation and propaganda. The party has identified patterns and will campaign on them: the use of refugees to resettle rural Australia; the use of refugees as cheap labour; the use of refugees to culture-bust the Australian identity in guilt trips and the shaming of heritage; the appalling economic privilege granted to refugees; the use of refugees to disguise the other immigration programs that are changing Australia’s demographics.

Dr. Saleam concluded:

“This campaign will not be a regular campaign. It is only partly an exercise in election participation. In truth, I am putting on the agenda the biggest single issue in Australian political history and I will do something unusual when I make a mass question of the book that defines our dispossession: The Camp Of The Saints (1973). Churches, Greens, Trotskyites and capitalists all combine to seek the breaking open of Australia’s borders, the culture busting of Australia’s heritage and our land’s recolonization. For Mr. Morrison, it’s all about the cheap labour the refugee hordes will provide. I am going to be engaged in educating a section of the public as to what the refugee / asylum-seeker threat is about. Our party has campaigned in the Adelaide Hills and other places against the scourge of refugee migration. I am proud to raise the slogan: ‘Expel The Refugees’.”

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