28 August 2011

Australia First (Queensland) will hold a State Conference on the Eureka Stockade Weekend

Australia First Party’s Queensland members and friends will convene in a State Conference over the Eureka Stockade weekend in December (December 3 – 4). The meeting will probably be held in Brisbane.

The party’s National Council considers a State Conference is urgent. As new members are recruited in Queensland towards the immediate goal of registering as a State party, it is necessary to set down a strategy and achievable goals. It is accepted that it is unlikely that the party will be able to submit its registration application prior to the next State election.

Of course, Australia First Party is conceived as far more than merely an ‘electoral party’ – such as the current One Nation. That means that the party seeks to operate outside of the electoral cycle as a community activist organisation, being involved in various people’s movements and through initiating patriotic campaigns of its own. It is in community action, more so than via electoral participation, that a party of the Australian People will be built.

Any reader interested in obtaining membership forms and other information should contact us as soon as possible.

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  1. Only a couple of weeks are left for this State-Conference, now. Do you publish the place and time soon?