18 May 2011

Australia's Homeless

In Australia there are around 132,000 people living on the streets and the number is growing every day. In many cases it is not their fault. Some people are only two pay packets away from being homeless. The question has to be asked: WHY? Why, when a small one or two bedroom cottage that will sleep up to four people can be built for around $30,000. Why, when there are country and regional towns that are dying with people moving out to the bigger centres. Why, when land in some of these areas is very cheap. So why is the government not putting money into building nice little villages to be able to accommodate the homeless? For around three million dollars a village of 50 homes could be constructed and rented out for around $120.00 per week each. A return of $6000 per week on any investment. A return of around 10 percent per year. So not only are you going to get a lot of people into accommodation but you are also going to revitalise some of the country and regional areas, create employment in those areas and get a return for your money. So why does your government send millions of our dollars overseas every year when we have our own people living on the streets? If there are any people out there that would like to invest in such a project to help others, I would only be too happy to show you how you could help and also get a return on your money. You would have complete control of the project and your money so no one will rip you off. You would be doing a service for others that are not as lucky as yourself. We can not just sit back and watch as fellow Australians are dumped on the rubbish tip of life whilst others are being looked after with our dollars.

If any one wants to help I will be only too happy to donate my time. You also may be able to get some form of assistance from the government, something I am yet to look into. I would also be asking the State and Federal Governments to look at using these projects as training centres to teach young people trades such as training to become plumbers, drainers, carpenters, brickies, electricians and all other trades that are associated with the building trade. I would also be looking to get semi-retired tradespeople as trainers to teach the young apprentices. So we have a win-win situation: not only do we help the homeless and pensioners, but we also train people in trades, we employ our older tradies as teachers and we create employment opportunities in country and regional centres.

Peter Schuback
0408 458 232

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  1. $30,000,000,000 plus sealed in concrete to fund illegal wars & killing people for the globalist oil cartells but this is true in all western countries , funnily this is not the case in Lybia where all people are housed ,fed educated, including uni & medical all free of charge ....Dave in melb