21 May 2010


Australia First Party Nominates Tony Pettitt For Hawkesbury Council May 19 2010

The Australia First Party has nominated Mr. Tony Pettitt for Hawkesbury Council in the June 19 poll.

Australia First Party will field Mr. Pettitt in Greenway (an electorate that is now just south of Hawkesbury) in the Federal poll later this year.

The party will be registered Federally by then (the party application for registration is now in the public consultation phase), but it is not registered for State elections. The party is registered for Council polls in New South Wales.

The party will sponsor Mr. Mick Saunders for the Penrith by-election also on June 19.

Mr. Pettitt said today:

““I am pleased to represent Australian workers, small business people and other working Australians on the ballot on June 19. If Hawkesbury doesn’t fight the immigration driven disaster that is looming, we will see the destruction of one of Australia’s key food-producing areas. And for what? For the big Australia idea of the major parties – and I certainly include the Liberals here.”

Tony Pettitt concluded:

“I expect that the Greens will have much to say against Australia First. The Greens are not really an environmentalist party. They are a humanist party. They do not really defend the Australian ecosystem, because, despite some noises, they refuse to address the question of population. They refuse to demand an end of immigration. That also means an end to the refugee intake and the return of illegal arrivals.. There is nothing ‘moral’ in the refugee intake. The Greens sanctimonious morality doesn’t cut it with me. I intend to force this question onto the agenda. The Hawkesbury is at stake and this is a big test for the Greens. I have no doubt they will stand for immigration and refugees. Tell that to the farming groups.”

A campaign leaflet will start to appear in Hawkesbury letterboxes this weekend. It says:

It is in your interest and in your family’s interest, to cast a vote for the Australia First Party candidate, Tony Pettitt, in the Hawkesbury Council poll on June 19 2010.

Why? North-Western Sydney is under attack. We mean there are big plans to explode the population. Someone must act in our defence!

Under State laws, the government can acquire your land by compulsion and sell it to developers, who can then construct the monstrosity-suburbs that drive an immigration-driven population explosion. They make millions. You get the market price or less - and eviction. Agricultural land will be lost forever!

Tony Pettitt says no!

It’s no because it will destroy the rural quality of life in Hawkesbury. It’s no because it will undermine the environmental quality of the Hawkesbury. It’s no because it will finish off livelihoods - like the market-gardens. It’s no because it will destroy the cultural heritage our forebears gave us. It’s no because it means there is to be no future for Australians in the alien Australia that big business and politicians are doing their best to create.

If elected, Tony Pettitt will be a fighting representative for you, a councillor who will use his office to serve Hawkesbury. He will lobby to bring in Citizens’ Initiated Referenda, the policy that allows you to directly propose and vote on binding ‘laws’ for Council.

Who Is Tony Pettitt?

Tony Pettitt is 55 yrs and has lived most of his life in North West Sydney With a wide work experience, he is currently a truck owner / driver.

Tony Pettitt : 0408 381 211


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