19 May 2010

The Voice - 2010 : The Invasion (Video)

During 2009 2,727 so-called asylum seekers illegally entered Australian waters on 62 boats. This year the invaders prompted by Chairman KRudd's open border policies have taken up the challenge and stepped it up a few notches. In fact after just 136 days of 2010 last year's numbers were eclipsed.

The cost to the Australian taxpayer is horrendous considering that it costs $80,000 just to process each invader's claim for asylum. Then on top of that once they are released into the community which over 95% are we are lumbered with the costs of providing the invaders with dole payments, public housing and access to our already crumbing hospital system. With each boat that illegally enters our waters more invaders are encouraged to make the journey so they can have a free ride for life at our expense. It is not enough that they have ruined their own countries but certain people will not be happy until Australia is a third world sewer.

Enough is enough, it is time for the people of Australia to shatter the shackles of political correctness to save the country that our ancestors fought and died for. We must never forget one thing and that is charity begins and ends at home!

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