22 June 2010

Its official. Federal registration has been achieved.

The Australia First Party has become a Federally registered party. Mr. Tony Pettitt, who will serve as the Registered Officer, was notified today of the decision of the Australian Electoral Commission.

The registration of the party will serve to further the process which will unite all genuine Australian nationalists and other patriotic people into a united party.

Having said that, Australia First Party will work in a co-operative way with other pro Australian groups and parties. A full statement, which shall build upon our statement of last year on building this sort of co-operation, will be issued shortly.

Australia's workers, farmers, small business and other patriotic working people, now have a party that shall represent them in the fight against the globalising traitor class of big money interests and their ideological and bureaucrat supporters.

Identity, Independence, Freedom!

Further exciting news! Australia First receive 10% of the vote in the Hawkesbury By Election.

Australia First have produced the largest Australian nationalist vote since the days of the Hanson party. Tony Pettitt, the Australia First candidate in the Hawkesbury Council by-election, has polled TEN PER CENT of the poll.

The clear booth by booth examination shows that in those booths that were manned or mostly manned during the day – we polled up to 14 %. In the others, our vote would be 6%, 7%, 8% etc.

Our vote was deliberate and the atmosphere pleasant all day.

The candidate benefited from the party name recognition.

The most sincere thanks of the candidate and the party go to every booth worker, contributor, leafletter and other activist who made this possible.

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