09 June 2010

Leonora Detention Centre - The Opposition Begins

Here's boat 66 for 2010, no doubt they will be headed for Leonora Australia's Detention Centre (aka Chairman KRudd's toilet bowl) -

Dozens rescued from asylum (invader) boat


The customs ship Oceanic Viking has rescued more than 30 asylum seekers
(invaders) off Australia's north-west coast.

A border protection plane spotted the boat today south west of Scott Reef.

It is believed
35 passengers (invaders) and two crew (smugglers) were on board.

The asylum seekers
(invaders) are being taken to Christmas Island for health, identity and security checks.

Authorities have not confirmed if they are Sri Lankans or Afghans.
(What is the difference? They will end up in Leonora anyway!)


So, there have been 66 boats carrying 3,068 invaders and 163 reported smugglers that have illegally entered Australian waters up to today which is the 159th day of 2010. The tally just 8 days into June is 5 boats in carrying 202 invaders and 15 reported smugglers.

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