16 June 2010

Leonora Detention Centre - Sacked For Telling The Truth!

Local opposition continues.

After two planes landed last week carrying the first in what is believed to eventually number 300 so-called asylum seekers a number of Leonora locals who have never been consulted on this issue and at last report never will be decided to voice their disgust in front of the media. One of these people has now been forced to resign from their volunteer job at St John's Ambulance. This will leave a massive hole in the medical support provided to locals as two of her colleagues decided to support her. Throughout all of this nothing has been mentioned about the third world like services that are provided to locals, it is all about the invaders who are only here to leech off us and of course become Labor voters so Kevin Rudd will never be voted out of office.

As for Jo you have my support 100%, I know exactly what it is like to be persecuted for telling the truth. Welcome to the club of those who have been vilified by the media and the traitors in parliament for opposing multiculturalism.


  1. I find it hard to grapple with the logic...

    Immigrants pay $10 000 US to get on the boats which are funding people smuggling and tie down our navy, near kill themselves and are rewarded with Best Free Hosptial cover that some Aussies will never experience,
    Then on taxpayers money are relocated to a detention centre where they live the land of luxury
    Are then allowed here to claim "refugee" status, if muslim then with 3 wives and kids get 3times the benefits, instant employment, home loans(given away in some cases) and cars of which all i STILL struggle to achieve

    Has anyone here recieved this royal treatment?

    And yet there are hundreds of thousands Aussies(both white and aboriginal) homeless, 2 million in poverty not recieving health care or any employment! Not to mention the lack of funds for vital services are being spent on these foreigners to live a higher life then us all at our govt and citizens expense!

    Now I think I know who the 'racists' are and who should be filing for discrimination...

  2. i fully agree on what has been said....i wonder if aussies would get the same treatment if we applied for refugee status in these countries?..i want people to read the immigration laws for mexico...they have double standards..i think countries label other countries as racist when they know what we have said is true, so they try to shut us up by yelling racist...i also want someone to prove to me beyond a doubt that muslims will blend into the aussie culture...muslim countries demand that from other countries so i think aussies have the right to do the same...i also defy any christian to enter a muslim country...i read in afghanistan immigration policies that you have to respect their culture and religion..so i think australia has the right to demand the same from them....if these immigrants dont like the aussie way of lifethe answer is simple, dont come here to live...i wouldnt go to afghanistan to live cause i dont like their culture....so i think other countries should look at their own immigration laws before critisising ours...their laws protect the interests of citizens so i think australia has the right to protect our own citizens and culture.....