22 January 2010

Party Leader agrees with blogger's view.

 Mike Neville Traitor?

Weekend Advertiser 16.01.10

The state leader of a far right political party has endorsed the views expressed by an anonymous blogger who describes Griffith mayor Mike Neville as a "traitor".

Dr Jim Saleam heads the NSW Branch of the Australia First Party a Nationalists body with core policies that include reducing and limiting immigration and abolishing Multiculturalism.

While he would not reveal the identity of the author of the online blog entitled Australian Identity, which hits out at the regions cultural mix and use of contract labor, Dr Saleam said he was aware of the individual and fully supported what they had to say.

He said he had a long history with Councilor Neville and fully agreed with the bloggers sentiment that he is a "traitor" and has a love of contract labor. "I've actually had a lot of dealings with Mr. Neville going back about six years" he said. "We clashed over the contract labor issue and I was actually challenged by Dino Zappacosta to a debate, but he pulled out, so whatever the blogger had to say I am quite critical about Mike Neville".

Dr. Saleam, who has a PHD in politics said contract labor merely created jobs for refugees and migrants, pricing Australian born workers out of the market.

"It's a practice that's designed to drive down the price of labor, they say that's not true but that's exactly what it does," he said.

"The trade and contract labor attracts a type of evil character Australia can do without".

In Canberra yesterday to register AFP as a political party, Dr. Saleam said he was not concerned about being labeled a racist "Quite frankly my dear, I don't give a damn, I think it's well beyond that now, I don't have any malice in my heart," he said.

Wagga city councilor and Greens Party member Ray Goodlass was yesterday infuriated by some of the comments made on the locally written blog and by Dr. Saleam.

He said "the inclusion of an AFP representative on council could only be a negative for the residents of Wagga, with the needs and concerns of some community members not considered valuable. "I think that would be a really retrograde step," he said. "I think councilors need to be looking after all of their residents and the AFP would be very de-evolutionary and exclude members of our community".

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