07 January 2010


In an effort to draw attention to the plight of Peter Spencer people are tying a sprig of gum-tree to their cars, shopping trolleys, lapels, letterboxes and letting everyone they know, and anyone they meet, about this situation.

Peter has lost 40kg now and his health is seriously suffering.

The hunger strikers on the Oceanic Viking, who were individuals labelled as terrorists by their own government (which is a government ours apparently acknowledges) had their demands met by Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd refuses to even acknowledge Peter Spencer's plight however and claims his reasons to be that he will not 'bend to the will of someone who is committing self-harm'.

What else has been going on here....

RTA Inspectors were ordered to try to prevent the buses carrying demonstrators to Parliament House from being allowed to drive last Monday with one official stating the order 'came from above'.

There is talk of using the Mental Health Act to forcibly remove Mr Spencer from the wind-tower. Mr Spencer is fighting for the right of all farmers (some who have committed suicide and many others who've suffered severe depression since Howard prevented them from using their land back in 1995). This is all part of the Labor and Liberal globalisation agenda. Those two parties are sides of the same coin!

We MUST fight for protection of our sovereign rights under our constitution and stand united to fight against the power of the multi-nationals who our government serves above our interests. It is time that the citizens of Australia banded together and reminded our governments that they exist to SERVE the people of THIS nation first and foremost!

Tie a Sprig of Gum-Tree!

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