05 January 2010

Peter Spencer fights for rights as an Australian.

Australia First Party expresses its unwavering support for Cooma farmer Peter Spencer – yet another victim of the Globalist Agenda of our governments. Peter has been on a hunger strike for over 40 days now, situated on a wind-tower platform, in protest over the Australian Government’s use of farming lands to satisfy the terms of the Kyoto Protocol. Peter has exhausted all other avenues of approach and has now managed to generate a real movement for change. We applaud his tenacity!

Under the Kyoto Protocol there were a variety of ways a signatory nation could achieve the outcomes required – one of these was preventing land-clearing so the Howard Government claimed a 22% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions entirely via preventing land clearing by our farmers rather than reducing Carbon Emissions at all!

Peter Spencer has been unable to use 90% of his land for the last 15 years due to this and the bank is now threatening to foreclose on him. The government has managed to get around the lack of Constitutional Validity for doing this by using state-based native vegetation laws. Under our Constitution, which successive governments now seem hell-bent on defying in the name of honouring International Agreements which benefit only globalists, the government is prevented from acquiring property from persons other than on just terms.

Section 51 of the Australian Constitution: The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(xxxi) the acquisition of property on just terms from any State or person for any purpose in respect of which the Parliament has power to make laws;

The farmers affected have not been compensated in any form and under the Rudd Government farmers expect their lands will soon become a ‘carbon sink’ in order to abide by another global treaty – the Copenhage. Where are the ‘just terms’?

Whether one agrees with the idea of Anthropogenic Climate Change or not is actually irrelevant to this. It is blatantly obvious to anyone with a reasonable mind that humans need to reduce our materialism and reliance on fossil fuels and the environmentally degrading manufacturing of plastics etc. Why has our Government chosen to cobble our primary producers rather than reduce consumption of fossil fuels?

119 Million Hectares have been prevented from being partially cleared by farmers while developers continue to carve up bushland areas for ridiculous housing developments in which to house the ever-increasing number of immigrants pouring into our already, over-stretched cities.

The Australian Government has saved itself tens of billions of dollars in penalties which would have applied under Kyoto and the UN Association estimates it has cost farmers around 11 billion dollars. Our beloved farmers are suffering depression and suicide rates which border on an epidemic and yet cheap food imports are trundled into the country from third world nations with no tariff protection to our primary producers. One wonders how shipping produce from the other side of the world is at all conducive to reducing the use of fossil fuels as well.

All Peter Spencer wants is a Royal Commission and compensation for farmers. Kevin Rudd has refused to talk with him, but Pete Spencer no longer WANTS to talk to Kevin Rudd. His local member ignored his letter and his requests for ‘just terms’have been denied repeatedly.

Australia First Party also applauds and notes, with interest, Senator Barnaby Joyce’s support for Peter Spencer and join with him and all other supporters in crying out for a Royal Commission and ‘just compensation’to our farmers! It is time to end the madness Australia – we must stand up and fight – all of these issues are inter-related and the onus is upon you and us, with your support, to fight for what is right and decent for Australians whose ancestors built this proud nation and gave their lives defending it!

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