21 January 2010

The Voice - By Boat (Video)

In this episode we take a look at the growing problem of so-called asylum seekers making their way illegally into Australia waters and being cared for at your expense. In 2009 some 62 boats carrying 2,727 passengers made their way into Australian waters, how many will there be in 2010?

The only intelligent and far cheaper option than spending Australian taxpayer's money on housing the illegal aliens on Christmas Island and soon to be Darwin and then ultimately in the community is to protect Australia's borders but that is never going to happen as long as we have bleeding hearts in positions of power who care more about the welfare of foreigners than that of Australians. Charity begins and ends at home!

1 comment:

  1. Where will the bleeding hearts be when the Indonesians get sick of dealing with this fiasco? put upon them by KRudd, sure it may have seemed sweet for a fast buck at first glance by Indonesia, of course all expenses paid by the Australian tax payer. The "Indonesian Solution" is increasingly not so sweet to the Indonesians, and the arrogance being visited upon the Indonesians regarding the asylum seeker issue by KRudd and cronies, has reached such a level, the next boats headed for Australian shores may well turn out to be the Indonesian Military!